2nd annual WVU Maker's Competition

Students are encouraged to challenge their minds as the second annual WVU Maker’s Competition approaches.

The event is a 3D printing competition hosted by the WVU Materials Advantage Chapter and the WVU Materials Research Society Student Chapter. Though the event is a month away (Feb. 24), those interested only have until 5 p.m. Monday, Jan. 13 to register.

“The club has a 3D printer, applicants can sign up with their designs and the club can print them in the facility,” Ozcan Ozmen, the president of the WVU Material Advantage club, said. “We have two different printers, so depending on their design we’ll decide which printer is used. Or applicants can print their own designs in other places.”

Participants can choose from four categories, including artistic, future tech and two mechanized options.

The artistic category encourages students to channel their creativity and design something from their own imagination, while future tech challenges participants to think ahead to the year 2500, and design something they’d expect to see.

Both will be judged by the popular vote.

The mechanized option, however, has two sub-categories to choose from.

For Launch-a-ball, participants design a way to throw a one centimeter diameter 3D printed ball at least 3 feet. For the push-a-block option, designs submitted must push a 3x3x3 centimeter 3D printed block at least 3 feet in distance. This will be judged by the time taken to push the block.

All WVU students are eligible to register.

“In the future, we’re planning to bring in high schools in the WVU region,” Ozmen said.

After registering, Design submissions are due on Friday, Feb. 3 at 5 p.m.

First place will receive $75 and a one year membership with their choice of either the WVU Material Advantage Chapter or the WVU Material Research Society Student Chapter. Second place receives a $50 prize and third place is awarded $25.

If interested, students should visit http://wvu.materials.com. There is a $5 entry fee.

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