Hi community,

first of all:

i´m no programmer at all.

for my 3d prints i needed a way to show where
there are problems in my 3d models and where
are overhangs during the sculpting process.

so i „clicked together“ this little script

to create 3 polygroups facing towards the camera

45 degree / 25 degree / 20 degree

i can now clean up areas to reduce the need for
support structure without leaving zbrush.

now my question is:

as said – i´m no coder. but i´m willing to learn

or is it possible to compile this into a plugin.


i searched the web but i didnt find anything about
it. where can i search to learn about all this ?

would it also be possible to take the „inner“ polygroups and
turn them in an angle so that there would be no
further supports needed ? of course to a certain degree.

any help is very much appreciated.

all the best


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