3D Printed Conductive Snap Fabric

You are welcome to change the materials. If you do change them, you will need to experiment printing onto the chosen fabric and conductive element. I chose to link to one of the fabrics I used but all fabrics can be substituted.

Any conductive thread will do, here are two:

Shieldex 235/34 4 ply conductive thread

Hobby cone
Industrial cone

This is silver plated and I have not used this is any long term projects. Meaning I’m not sure how fast or severely this thread will oxidize and lose some of its conductivity. Some silver threads have coatings to prevent oxidization like the Shieldex above, I’m not sure if this one does. Double check with the manufacturer if using in a long-term project.

I have a specific profile for the conductive PLA for the Ulimaker 3. You can use other FDM printer. Other printers I’ve used:

Lulzbot Taz 5 – The Lulzbot edition of Cura comes with a preset profile that can be found in the “quickprint” mode when “Expert” is chosen in the “Material ease of use:” menu. It works well! If you need to make changes to the settings switch to “full settings” mode.

Other versions of the Ultimaker could probably work as well (I haven’t tested them but I don’t know of a reason why it wouldn’t). I had really good results from this printer considering I was using a MakerBot before. The option for dual extrusion is so exciting too! I have been able to get a dual extrusion to print with two different PLAs including the conductive one which leads to exciting design prospects! That’s for another Instructable. 🙂

Get a ~1″ wide roll. If you can, get a ~4″ wide roll too. If you only have a think roll you can put down multiple strips.



This ‘ible includes profiles for printing with the Proto-Pasta Conductive PLA on an Ultimaker 3.

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