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The purpose of this Instructable is to share with the world our experiments in 3D Printing. This Project was done as part of a workshop with my student and good friend Akash Hebbali. We started with the objective of making a full size functioning bicycle that had 3D printed joints that connect PVC pipes to create the frame of the bicycle.

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Prior to this project we had worked on much smaller projects with the printer and had limited experience with structural engineering. It was an ambitious project, but to cut a long story short: we failed, the bicycle we created was never able to take the weight of an adult. But, through this project we have learned quite a wealth of knowledge and gained a rather deep understanding of the many technicalities of working with a Prusa i3 FDM based 3D printer and also improved our modelling skills. Up to this project, I have been working with Rhino for 3D modelling, but after seeing how intuitive Fusion 360 is, and its suitability for designing 3D Printed parts I decided to make the switch, and I’m very pleased with the new workflow and experience.

Through this Instructable I hope to guide you through the process of creating a print from concept to assembling the part in your project. The aim here is not for you to make this bicycle and repeat some of the mistakes we made but to learn from them and avoid these mistakes.

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