3D printed Modular Cantina

So I’ve been working on this for a few weeks…at least the initial design side. It’s coming along nicely but I’m sure there will be a lot of adjustments made to the parts once I start actually printing. I started a thread in the customs section showing an early print of my booth chair but this is more appropriate of a section to post in.

Because of the limitations of my print bed the playset will be modular. Each booth will be several parts assembled, floors etc. So you should be able to display it completely enclosed or half open. Doesn’t really matter. I’m hoping to have all the floor pieces to connect to one another via magnets but we will see.

So here’s a pic of my chair print, sorry it’s hard to see in black.

Im hopeful I’ll be able to print the cantina walls with a slight texture, but we will see.

Heres what I have modeled up so far. I’m just getting the basic shape down. I’ll go back and improve the details on things like the bar and inside the entrance arch.

I’ll be posing more pics. The entrance is going to be tricky.

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