3D Printed Perforated Honeycomb Ring, Black, Size 8

Honeycombs are not just interesting patterns that exist in nature, but are very useful structures that have found their way into a variety of items from building skins to small scale objects. A metal honeycomb pattern inserted in a panel can give it a great deal of strength while using a minimal amount of material. That makes it ideal for 3d printing– with the Honeycomb Ring I was able to use a perforated pattern to create a lightweight but durable ring.

Product Features

  • Height: 0.52 IN, Length: IN, Depth: 0.86 IN, Width: 0.88 IN, (Volume: 0.39 IN)
  • A 3d printed honeycomb pattern made from a durable Nylon plastic.
  • The break in the bottom makes it more flexible and comfortable.
  • Black with a clear protective coat.
  • Made through an addiditive manufacturing process (3D printing) which reduces waste and allows for the reuse of unused materials. 3D technology enables us to offer designs that are unique and that cannot be manufactured by traditional methods

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