3d Printer Build Platform Tape for Printrbot

Our Printrbot 3D printer tape is made in the USA and easy to install. No more worrying about PLA not sticking to the platform while you print. 6 inches wide (just like your build platform) so no seam either.. This tough tape is great for multiple prints, and easy to replace, and leaves no residue. A more affordable, cleaner, and easier option than Kapton tape. 180 feet of 3D printer tape, enough tape to cover your platform 90 times, that’s less than 35 cents per use, compare that with similar products at nearly $2 per sheet.

Product Features

  • Perfect for PLA
  • Easily Applies to Build Platform
  • 6 inches wide, No Seam, No Air Pockets on build platform
  • Much cleaner and easier than Kapton
  • Better than 3M 2090 Painter’s Tape

Detailed Information available on our Homepage…

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One thought on “3d Printer Build Platform Tape for Printrbot”

  1. I like to start by placing 2 corners on one edge … Prints with PLA, PET+, and Ninjaflex adhere well to the tap on an unheated bed. PLA sticks a little too well as I’m rarely able to remove a print without tearing the tape. One disadvantage is that you can’t just replace part of the tape when you rip a small hole in the middle.Spreading tap this wide without bubbles took some practice. I like to start by placing 2 corners on one edge on the build platform. Then I press down the center to the opposite edge and work out from the center…

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