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Hi, new to the forum. Just getting into 3d printing. I originally built my own 3 axis cnc for making custom circuit boards. It also had the rigidity and torque to mill aluminum. Then I decided I wanted to get into 3d printing. The frame is made out of 1/4″ steel. All 3 axis have nema 17 high torque stepper motors, 8mm single start lead screws and linear rods and bearings. I removed the spindle and installed a wade extruder reloaded kit. I removed the steel build plate on the y axis and replaced it with a 10mm thick acrylic sheet that will hold a mk2b heated bed and a 3mm aluminum build plate. The build area will be around 200mm x 200mm. I am trying to reduce the weight of the moving axes and may look at getting the x and z axis plates cut out in 1/8″ steel or aluminum or making them out of acrylic sheet..

Previously before I removed the spindle and installed the extruder and changed out the y axis plate I would say the max speed was between 1/4″ (6.35mm) to 1/2″ (12.7mm) a second. All 3 axis are 4064 pulses for 1″ (25.4mm) of movement which is 0.00625mm per pulse. Is there a point where the speed is too slow for 3d printing?

I’ve been thinking of either changing out the lead screws for 4 start versions or changing to a belt drive system for the X and Y axes. Z axis will stay the same.




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