3D Printing Business To Open In Sioux Falls


It’s advanced technology that can be hard to wrap your head around: A printer that takes raw material and creates a 3D object out of it.

And it’s coming to the Sioux Empire.

“We wanted to be the pioneers of 3D printing and hopefully we’d like to be the 3D printing resource for Sioux Falls,” Says CEO and Founder of Futurescape 3D Robert Hodgdon.

In less than one week that journey begins, Futurescape 3D will be opening up on October first, giving people and businesses the opportunity to purchase items made from a printer.

“What we’re looking at is creating different props and replicas, a lot of architectural models,” explains Hodgdon.

So how does this advanced technology work?

“These printers are using a technology called FDM which stands for fused deposition modeling and essentially it’s a hot glue gun, so it’ll layer each layer of material one layer on top of each other from the bottom to the top until the product is made,” says Hodgdon.

He says the products are made with different types of plastic.

“Some of it is industrial strength plastic that we use for prototyping, so it’s a lot more durable and some actually have metal and wood powder in them.”

Hodgdon says the printers reduce the amount of waste and time compared to normal manufacturing.

As for pricing, it depends on the product size.

“Something like one of the Iron Man helmets fully finished is around $350, but it’s got working lights, it has a professional paint job.”

The biggest product Futurescape 3D can make is 2 ft. tall and 1.5 ft. wide.

That would take up to 25 hours to print, but for the smaller items, Hodgon says 12 hours is more typical.

“It still fascinates me that we are able to make something that looks like what it’s supposed to.”

Futurescape 3D will be holding an open house on Oct. 1 starting at 9 a.m. to celebrate the grand opening.

3D products are utilized by everyone from industrial companies for prototypes, to those wanting unique sculptures or movie props in their homes.

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