49mm funnel: 3D printed


Thank you all for the kind words!
I’m so happy with my piece, that the time spent was certainly well invested. That there are more of you interested just makes it better!

I have no prior experience with 3D printing (this was the first printed object I’ve ever seen), so my choice of margins etc were somewhat arbitrary. Therefore, I can’t promise a perfect fit with other printers, but if you let me know, I should be able to make adjustments.

My friend has a hobby printer. He only had ABS available, which is not food safe. There shouldn’t be much contact, but please chime in on whether this should be a concern.

Katzer wrote:That looks awesome :o
you ever get the time to make a 51mm version I’d be much obliged.

I made a 51mm version: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2068563
Only the diameters of the openings were changed (+2mm), so the curvature/shape of the rim is still based on the MCAL basket. Hopefully they are close enough. Let me know and I’ll adjust.

FirstBetta wrote:As a newbie lever head I’m not sure of the protocol here, but I would like to acquire one of these for my Cremina. I may eventually get an Elektra basket so If it is necessary I would also like one for that basket. I have a Baratza Forte AP and the grinds spill over the edge on a 14 Gm dose. Please tell me what I need to do to accomplish that.

Hopefully the current version fits also the Cremina basket. If anybody could report if not (or measurements), I could adjust.
The basket you see in the picture is the Elektra MCAL basket, which it, at least my print, fits perfectly.

PacMan wrote:Great funnel! I like the fact that 3D printing can provide access to items that aren’t readily available or aren’t available for a specific type of workflow. My design and printing are not nearly as nice as the above funnel but functionally I’ve been quite happy with my on basket funnel for caravel, can fit ~16g in the basket.

Yours should do the job just as well. My model is parametric, so if you want, I could just adapt it to the Caravel basket.
Unfortunately, I have come to terms with not getting a Caravel myself.

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