Avatar III Pro 3D Printer/Printing Dual Extrusion/Color With ABS/PLA By Queenshiny

Avatar III+ Parameters

Max BUILD Size (Print Volume):  225mm x 145mm x 150mm (8.9″L x 5.7″W x 5.9″H )
Min Layer thickness(Resolution):  100 Micron (0.1mm)
Max Print Speed:   150mm/second
Model material (Filament):   ABS / PLA / PVA and More.
Filament Diameter:   1.75mm
Extruder:   Dual Exact Extruders
Color:   Dual-color / Dual-Filament
heated bed:   225mm x 145mm (8.9″L x 5.7″W )
Print From USB:   Yes
Print From SD CARD:   Yes
LCD-control panel:   Yes
Software Compatibility:   ReplicatorG, Makerware,
Supported OS:   Windows XP/Vista/7/8 / Mac / Linux
Supported File Type (SD Card):   .X3G
Supported File Type (Computer):   .STL .OBJ .GCode .Collada .thing .X3G .S3G .3DS  file formats and more.  (you can convert file format by ReplicatorG, Makerware, or by Online 3D Model Converter)
Online 3D Modeling Website:   Thingiverse.com    Archive3d.net  and more.
DIMENSION:   465mm*320mm*375mm (18.3″*12.6″*14.8″)
WEIGHT:  20KG (44lbs)
Printer Construction material:  Coated Steel Chassis + Plexiglass
Power Requirements:  AC: 110V/230V  50 HZ/60 HZ  350W
Power Plug:  US, UK, AU, Europe, Japan
Regulatory Compliance:  CE/FC/RoHS
ACCESSORIES:  Power Cable, USB Cable, 1x 1kg ABS, 1x 1kg PLA, (Color is random), 1x 4GB SD Card, Accessories, English Manual(in SD Card), ReplicatorG(in SD Card), Sample X3G files(in SD Card)

Product Features

  • High resolution, Get smoother-to-the-touch surfaces. -100 Micron (0.1mm)
  • Print fast, make more, 2X faster than other printers. -150mm/second
  • Print Larger. 2X Larger than other printers. -225mm x 145mm x 150mm (8.9″L x 5.7″W x 5.9″H )
  • Dual-Exact Extruders/Dual-Color/Dual-Filament -with 1x 1kg ABS, 1x 1kg PLA, (Color is random)

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