Barbie Fashion Design Maker Doll

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Product Features

  • Girls can create trendy, customize fashions using their tablet or home computer!
  • Eight included sheets of printable fabric (8×11.5 Inch) allow designs to go from 2D to 3D!
  • Take or upload photos for totally unique looks!
  • Store and display the fashions in the included portfolio!
  • Barbie doll, looking fabulous in a white molded slip, pink statement necklace and shoes, is included

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3 thoughts on “Barbie Fashion Design Maker Doll”

  1. Barbie Fashion Design Maker Need Major Overhaul To Be Worth Your Money & Your Time I received the Barbie® Fashion Design Maker™ doll free, thanks to Mattel, for my daughter (8 years old) to try out. She could not have been more excited to tear open the package and get at it. We set aside some time tonight to get it set up and try some designs. Unfortunately, our results were mixed with more of them being negative than positive. Here’s the scoop:The PACKAGING is pretty frustrating. They DO NOT want anyone getting into this package by accident and removing…

  2. This one cannot walk the catwalk Barbie!Obviously, it’s a Barbie. If you don’t like Barbie, then move along. If you’re ok with her, then carry on.Let me address the first issue, one noted by the official Barbie-tester: while the arms and head move, this Barbie is a stand-still Barbie. Her legs are going to stay in the pose you see in the product pic. She’s more of a mannequin Barbie than Barbie who is headed off the runway and driving around town.The software: you’re either working with an…

  3. Finally! I always wanted a toy like this as a kid, and was happy to see that Mattel finally stepped up. However I did have my doubts about this toy even though it looked really cool right out of the gate. Any doubts went right out the window when this set up arrived and my daughter is absolutely thrilled! She’s always wanted to design outfits for her dolls and anything that was on the market before this that was even slightly similar was always a let down.The app for designing the clothing…

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