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What’s the best 3D printing startup of 2018? We are pleased to announce that in the initial stages of voting for the annual 3Dprinting industry awards, we have been listed by readers of as one of the best startups of 2018.

We are honoured to be featured in this list, alongside some of the ‘hottest’ new companies in 3D printing. One of the major things that has stood out alongside the other startups is the fact that we are the only one that is aimed at education and high schools. The majority of the companies listed are hardware companies that are making 3D printers.

Listed as one of the best startups of 2018

Our aim is not to sell hardware, we educate plain and simple. Our curriculum is being taught in 23 schools around the world, in 10 countries to 14,000 students. Many of the startups listed have been funded by financial backers and rounds of investments, some startups even publicly listed on stock exchanges where you can buy shares in the companies.

Learnbylayers is run by Phil Cotton who is a full time classroom teacher and Associate Facilitator for STEM learning. Since launching we have formed strong partnerships with Kodak (who are entering the 3D printing market this spring), GoPrint3D who are one of the major sellers in the UK, along with Cognizance 3D in Dubai. This has helped gain exposure for learnbylayers and enabled the curriculum to be bundled with resellers 3D printers, meaning that teachers can purchase a 3D printer and the curriculum together enabling them to start 3D printing from day 1.

Our curriculum is fully planned and ready to use in the classroom. This means that teachers are free to focus on delivering great lessons without having to spend hours writing lesson plans and creating lesson resources. All the hard work is done and the teacher just has to familiarise themselves with the lessons, print some of the lesson tasks and then they are ready to teach.

All of the resources can be edited by the teachers e.g. so if they want to alter some of the wording of the questions or maybe adapt one of the slides on the teaching powerpoints, they are free to do this. Empowering teachers is one of the aims of what we do.

We would like to thank everyone for their support so far and if you could cast a vote our way that would be greatly appreciated! Click here to read the article

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