Brian May 3D Stereocard Owl Viewer

Want a quality stereo viewer? In my opinion the Owl viewer (version 2).
This modern viewer replaces the classic stereo viewer and it folds flat for travel and storage! I purchased these personally from Brian during the 2012 National Stereoscopic Association convention. To purchase these from Brian’s site will cost you $47 (at current exchange rate) each to purchase and import to the U.S. Due to this special purchase I can offer it for $30!

The OWL, designed by Brian May, is a unique, high quality, stereo focusing viewer, which packs into a space only 6mm (1/4 “) thick, yet assembles in 15 seconds into a rigid precision instrument which is equally at home sitting on a page to view stereo illustrations in a book, or used in the hand as the perfect viewer for stereo cards – classic or modern.

Product Features

  • 3D Stereo Viewer

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3 thoughts on “Brian May 3D Stereocard Owl Viewer”

  1. Does the job nicely. I have been playing with doing free hand 3D photography. I can look at my stereo pairs with the naked eye. But if you want to share with the eye control impaired then you need this tool.

  2. I’ve struggled over the years with a variety of stereo viewers for use on images in books, and for years its often been a struggle to merge the images and enjoy a real 3d experience. The owl viewer makes it easy. I got one with the Diableries book, and immediately started using it on my other books of stereo images. What a difference. Yes, it’s more expensive than, say, the taylor-merchant stereopticon, but the difference is well worth the outlay.

  3. Exactly as I hoped it would be. It is great for viewing stereographs in books but the model 2 is just right for regular stereographs such as Keystone and others. I would highly recommend it.

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