Casekingdom LCD12864 RAMPS 1.4 Board 2560 R3 Control Board A4988 Driver Kit For 3D Printer

  • A4988 driver:
  • Low RDS (ON) outputs
  • Automatic current decay mode detection / selection
  • Mixed with slow current decay mode
  • Synchronous rectification for low power dissipation
  • Internal UVLO
  • Crossover current protection
  • 3.3 and 5V compatible logic supply
  • Thermal shutdown circuit
  • Ground short circuit protection
  • Load short-circuit protection
  • Five selectable stepper modes: full, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8 and 1/16
  • Product Features

    • Power design of Mega 2560 R3 board. Arduino Mega power supply system has two options, USB direct power supply or an external power supply. Select the power supply will automatically switch.
    • Optional external power supply AC-to-DC adapter or battery, this limits the control board voltage range 6V ~ 12V. but if the voltage supplied is less than 6V, I / O ports may not provide the 5V voltage, so there will be no stable;
    • if the supplied voltage is greater than 12V, the regulator will have the device may overheat protection. are more likely to damage the Arduino MEGA. Therefore, the operation of the proposed power supply 6.5 ~ 12V, 7.5V or recommended power supply is 9V.
    • CD12864 Feature. Large screen: 12864LCD
    • Integration SD card in the back, after slicing the file into the SD card, you can select the corresponding files on the LCD. The board has encoder, can be achieved parameter adjustment, and the file selection print!

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