Celebrating Shark Week with 3D Printing

‘Tis the season of the shark, and we want to make sure you have the best shark swag of all your non-aquatic acquaintances. What better way to make sure your friends’ jaws hit the floor than with a life size shark replica?

Image courtesy of: Martin Prochazkacz

Recreating the fine curves and geometries that come with 400 million years of fin-tuned evolution is no easy task. In order to capture these sharks in their closest form, we recommend using our SLS (Selective Laser Sintering) 3D Printing process. This process builds your parts by heating specific parts of a nylon powder bed with a laser to melt and fuse the piece together. This avoids visible layer lines typical with the FDM process. Though this isn’t what Dr. Evil had in mind, this is the closest you can get to having “sharks with friggin laser beams attached to their heads.”

There are many sharks that are small enough to 3D print, fitting within the SLS build area as one solid part. This way you can print one life size anatomically correct shark in one piece, as opposed to printing out multiple sections and gluing them together.

3D Printing Maximum Build Volumes (in inches)

SLS (durable white nylon)
13 x 13 x 22
SLS (glass fill nylon)
26 x 15 x 23
36 x 24 x 36
19 x 15 x 7
DMLS (aluminum)
6 x 6 x 6
DMLS (stainless steel)
9 x 6 x 6
Metal Binder Jetting (bronze)
29 x 15 x 14.25

The Burmese Bamboo Shark is the largest shark that fits within the maximum build volume of our SLS printers. You’ve probably never heard of it, but this extremely rare shark would be a fine addition to any shark lover’s mantlepiece.

Burmese Bamboo Shark Burmese Bamboo Shark
Image courtesy of: Shark Sider

How about a shark that could swallow a great white whole? This 60 foot monster is called the Megalodon. Don’t worry, this aquatic nightmare went extinct 2.6 million years ago. Megalodon is figuratively and literally “long in the tooth,” wielding chompers that reach up to 7 inches long. Luckily there are CAD files of its teeth available so you can start quoting. This model (quoted below) is a smaller 3.5 inch tooth that can make the perfect paper weight.

If you’re looking for a life size shark replica that can still fit in your pocket, the Dwarf Lanternshark is perfect for you. This is the smallest shark on earth, coming in at a measly 20 centimeters long. That’s right, it’s barely longer than the Megalodon’s tooth!

Dwarf Lanternshark Image courtesy of: Wikipedia

Some of our amazing Xometry customers are already part of the action! These shark-based beer tools were designed by @beersharkproducts and were CNC machined from aluminum 6061, one of our most popular CNC materials.

Beer Shark Products by our customer Westen!

At Xometry, we make your custom ideas a reality. Whether it’s printing the largest shark tooth ever or printing a shark small enough to fit in your hand, we love building parts for our customers.

For more ideas and tips for utilizing SLS, check out our free SLS design guide!

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