Chocolate Casting using 123d Catch and a 3d Printer

Grech. The name is universally known at my high school. Mr. Grech is history teacher and the best of his kind. He is wonderfully exuberant and makes every class extremely fun. Obviously, his popularity ensues lots of strange/clever gifts for his birthday and the holidays. However, I have outwitted them all with this chocolate suprise! Using a 3d printer, 123d catch, and liquid silicone I have made an entire set of chocolate heads identical to his! Read this instructable for a comprehensive guide on how to make personalized chocolate busts!

How It’s Done

The process I used to make this chocolate model was very simple. It works by 3d printing a model of your subject’s head, and then creating a mold of it with liquid rubber. After this, it is the simple matter of pouring chocolate in the mold and freezing it! Keep reading for in depth instructions and remember to vote for this instructable in the Baking and Homemade gifts, and 3d Printing contests!

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