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I wanted to build a Delta 3D printer with a large build plate capable of printing any model. The build plate is an 18″ circle and the build height will be over 20″. I am using a Diamond triple extrusion hot end. My original design used magnetic ball & socket joints. These didn’t work well with the increased weight of the hotend assembly. I am using 20″ carbon rods with traxxas ball ends. The frame is constructed with 1.5″x1.5″ 8020 aluminum extrusion. It is very rigid. The build plate is constructed from 1/4″ waterjet aluminum plate with a standard 8×8″ heated pcb bolted to the bottom. Hopefully that will be an adequate amount of heat for ABS prints. I am using a smoothieboard for control and standard Nema 17 steppers for linear motion. The direct drive extruders utilize Nema 17 steppers with a planetary gear drive. I am looking forward to the completion of this project and will keep this updated!


Stratasys Fortus 400










I designed this using Solidworks. I am having trouble with mating in the large assembly. The traxxas ball joints will not move in space the same way they move in the real world. I wish the magnetic ball and socket joints were able to deal with the loads that the traxxas ball joints can handle.

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