Dremel 3D Printer Supplies – 10 Sheets 6″ x 9.25″ 3M 2090 Painters Tape – Use PLA Filament on this Tape

This Rectangle Piece of Painters Tape will cover the Dremel’s 3D Printer Print Bed with one single piece.

Perfect 1 piece application!

Nearly all filament types (ie PLA) will stick to this tape, but come off with relative ease after printing is completed.

This tape removes cleanly without adhesive transfer or surface damage for up to 14 days, even in direct sunlight.
It is a medium adhesion tape that is ideal for painted walls and trim, woodwork, glass and metal.

Dremel Includes only a Few Sheets in the original Factory Printer Box, they do not sell extra Sheets.
The Only Place to get more of the same Blue Tape Sheets is right here on this Page.
Blue Tape Sheets made by 3M are the only recommended way to print on the original Acrylic Print Bed, or the Upgraded Glass Plates (that you can get on Amazon too).


Step 1. Clean the Printing Bed Off with some Rubbing Alcohol.
Step 2. Remove the Tape Sheet from its Backing and apply to the Surface of the Printing Bed.
Step 3. Clean the Taped surface off with some Rubbing Alcohol.
Step 4. Make Sure that if you haven’t leveled the print bed with the tape on it, that you go through the leveling procedure to adjust for the extra thickness of the tape.
Step 5. After Printing make sure to carefully remove the printed piece from the tape with a thin spatula.
Step 6. After Each Print clean the Tape Off with some Rubbing Alcohol.

Each Sheet of Tape should last for many prints, depending on the type/size of prints you do.
To make it last longer, try printing on different sections of the tape bed to get the most from it.

This is High Quality 3M 2090 Scotchblue Tape Made in the USA.
It can’t be found anywhere else so Buy Now

Product Features

  • 6in x 9.25in Tape – 10 Sheets – To be Used on the Dremel 3D Printer Build Plate when printing
  • Perfect Tape to use for any 3D Printer that Prints with PLA Filament
  • Prints come off cleanly with no lines on the bottom from multiple pieces of tape.
  • Applies to the surface cleanly, and easily with easy re position just lift off and reapply.
  • Perfectly sized for the Dremel 3D Printer Build Plate

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