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On Thursday, Chattanooga Tennessee’s GIGTANK 365 announced the members of their Summer 16 cohort. This will be the first official class for the accelerator under new branding, formerly it was just GIGTANK. Back in February, the accelerator announced that they would be shifting away from a 4-month cycle to a year round program. The accelerator also narrowed their focus to three main verticals: 3D printing, software defined networking (SDN) and healthcare arenas. Also, with the shift to a year long program, Chattanooga’s municipal power company upped the accelerator’s internet speed to 10 Gbps.

This first GIGTANK 365 cohort consists of “12 startups and five specialists exploring advanced networking and other emerging technologies in healthcare and other industries.”1 The companies, however, are addressing a wide variety of markets, from virtual reality, to 3D printing, to satellite-based technology.

Below is a brief look at each of the 12 startups selected for the Summer program, via GIGTANK 365:

Collider is building a high-speed industrial 3D printer for production-grade plastics. The company’s hybrid technology and material capabilities come together to deliver end-use parts, highly functional prototypes, and production quality tooling to the world of manufacturing.


Docity has built a HIPAA-compliant telehealth platform that connects providers with their patients. The product allows people to meet with their providers through their personal computer or mobile device, all for a low monthly price. It also gives providers more efficiency by providing simple tools for scheduling and coordinating with patients.


Fetch is a talent-driven hiring platform that matches talent with employees in a transparent and unbiased way that is affordable for all. The platform allows for both employers and talent to create profiles and match with each other based on interests and needs.2


Injii helps charitable causes raise awareness and donations through original artists’ performances. injii is a network for social good; the company is about making a difference in the world through an open-ended media stream similar to scheduled TV broadcasting.

Motion View

iPrint 3D is a 3D printer manufacturer that specializes in streamlining the orthodontic and dental office. Many orthodontists and dentists have to send their electronic records to laboratories to have orthodontic appliances and tooth patterns printed. This is very costly and time consuming and postpones starting treatment while waiting for appliances for tooth patterns to be returned from the laboratory. Using the iPrint 3D printer, the orthodontist or laboratory is able to print in its own office, saving time and money while giving control to the doctor.


Mixtroz is a mobile app that combines the importance of physical presence with the power of technology to form stronger, more sustainable networks. It is the only tool that solves the current ineffectiveness of building and sustaining strong and meaningful networks formed exclusively by a “click” online or by brief, often awkward, personal introductions. The app allows individuals in large settings to connect in smaller, more intimate groups for face-to-face introductions.

One to One

One-to-One Telehealth is a company that instantly connects patients with their local One-to-One Personal Physicians Network. EPB Fiber Optics, a local cable and internet provider, facilitates the connection between the two with its high-speed internet. This delivery platform will improve the quality of care delivered and will also increase access to healthcare for a spectrum of individuals.


Pass It Down is a new digital storytelling platform that makes it easy for families to capture their most meaningful memories. This mobile-optimized platform utilizes hundreds of questions created by oral historians to guide users in telling their story through text, audio, video or photos.


Rendever has developed a virtual reality platform to provide an immersive form of stimulation for senior citizens living in elderly care facilities. Rendever’s platform can take residents on global travel experiences, connect them with family members at important life moments like weddings or graduations with a 360-degree camera, and engage them with cognitive therapy programs the company is developing with Massachusetts General Hospital.

TelemeterED is creating a model for STEM educators to implement high-speed broadband technologies in the classroom. The company will develop a scalable, easily-replicable curricula and frameworks for educators to introduce high-speed broadband technologies into the classroom to promote, engage and enhance the students’ learning experience.

UTChattSat designs and develops low-cost small-satellite systems for addressing critical space-infrastructure needs and researching important emerging technological problems related to the space sciences. The company uses off-the-shelf electronics and innovative modeling techniques to address operational capabilities in the harsh space environment. Additionally, UTChattSat is developing cost-effective 3D-printed models and programmable electronics systems to enhance middle and high school classroom project-based learning initiatives.


Xcellent Life is a healthcare technology company that provides an artificial intelligence-powered cloud platform that captures a comprehensive set of health factors from biometric sensors, mobile applications, and software systems. Using artificial intelligence, Xcellent Life helps healthcare practitioners improve outcomes and proactively protects consumers’ wellness through real-time human diagnostics.

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