GMASS 3D printing filament

Orem, Utah – Turner MedTech officials will premiere the GMASS 3D filament at the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) trade show Nov. 30-Dec. 5, 2014. GMASS filament materials will revolutionize the 3D printing of higher density components such as radiation shielding assemblies and anywhere metal simulation is required.

The filaments can eliminate traditional prototyping processes such as laser sintering of metal materials by providing an easy and much more accessible alternative that developers can accomplish with common and inexpensive desktop 3D printers.

In addition to medical and x-ray devices, GMASS also provides a new alternative for sports or consumer products where the need to achieve vibration dampening or to simulate the weighting and balancing of metal is required.

“We are extremely pleased to bring a technology to market that will serve as a catalyst for a new era of innovation in 3D printing,” said Dr. Clark Turner, Turner MedTech Founder and CEO. “The new GMASS filaments are ideal for x-ray equipment designers and are also configured for easy use by hobbyists and experimentalists in the rapidly growing 3D printing industry as well.”

Turner noted that the GMASS filaments provide a faster and easier way to create prototype components that require higher density than typical plastic materials can provide. Anyone who requires a component in the 2.7g/cc to 4.0g/cc range will welcome the new innovation capabilities the new GMASS alternatives can provide.

For example, Turner notes a growing X-ray equipment company is currently using GMASS to prototype an X-ray collimator design. The new GMASS filaments are allowing the company to save significant time and money as they work through their development process. GMASS will allow them to bring their new product to market much more quickly and cost effectively than before.

Source: Turner MedTech

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