Jet- Conductive ABS filament 1kg (=2.2 lbs) on Spool for 3D Printer Makerbot, Reprap, Makergear, Ultimaker, Up!, etc. (1.75mm, Black)

About Our Conductive abs filament:

Currently, we only produce Conductive ABS filament in Black color. If you need Conductive in other colors, please contact us on We will take your suggestion into our production plan.

Our conductive abs filaments are the most commonly used printing supplies for 3D Printers (e.g., RepRap, MakeBot, MakerGear, UP!, etc.). Filaments made by JET are serving the global market of 3D printing. If you have a 3D printer, remember JET filament. By searching “jet filament” on Google,,, or, you can find the quality products by JET. Currently eligible for free shipping in USA, Canada, 26 European countries, China, and many more.

About us and Our brand:

  America Instrument is a leading manufacturer of 3D printing supplies. With modern factories in both USA and China, our current production capacity is over 100 metric tons a month.

  JET Filament is a R&D brand owned by America Instrument. JET standards for JustExcellent Technology. Our mission is to research and develop the state-of-the-art materials and devices for universal 3D printing.

  We welcome distributors and wholesalers worldwide. We understand that distributors and wholesalers may have different needs in logo, packing and delivery. We have years of expertise in customizing products to meet every individual need.

  We offer top qualify, competitive pricing, fast shipping and generous return policy.

   We are continuously researching and developing new materials for 3D printing.

Product Features

  • • Diameter: 1.75mm
  • • Color:This conductive abs filament is black;we have 28 colors for your option.
  • • High precision: +/- 0.01mm. Roundness +/-0.01mm
  • • Constant extrusion temperature: 210C-250C(ABS filament), Appropriate stickiness, no first-layer problem
  • • The conductive abs filament extrudes precisely for fast printing and consistent layering
  • • Conductive abs Filament comes in a light spool, in a sealed package with a bag of desiccant.
  • • Compatible with most 3D Printers such as RepRap, Makertbot, Ultimaker, Up!, Makergear, etc.

Detailed Information available on our Homepage…

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