Juno Spacecraft 1:180 for 3D Printing

This is a 3D printed optimized version of the offical NASA 3D model of the Juno spacecraft. The model was designed in Tinkercad. You can find the Tinkercad model here.

Some assembly is required after printing.

When printed, a single solar wing measures 2 inches across, and the model is approximately 4.5 inches in diameter. A real Juno solar wing is about 30 feet long, making the printed model a 1:180 scale.

The Juno mission is a NASA mission to Jupiter, arriving on July 4, 2016. The mission website is located here.

Printer: DIY Prusa i3

Rafts: No

Supports: No

Step 1: Setup

Orient the model with the magnetometer (the one wing that is different) facing up.

You will need either superglue or acetone to attach the components together.

Step 2: Attach the High Gain Antenna assembly

Glue (using superglue) or weld (using acetone) the high gain antenna assembly onto the center of the main spacecraft.

The two thruster towers should face left and right, and the instruments (the little bumps) should face down.

Step 3: Attach the large MWR antenna

Glue or weld the large microwave radiometer (MWR) antenna onto the top left side of the main spacecraft body as shown

Step 4: Attach the two smaller MWR antennas

Glue or weld the two smaller MWR antennas onto the top right side of the main spacecraft body as shown

Step 5: Attach the Waves antenna

Flip the model over.

Glue or weld the Waves antenna to the main spacecraft body on the top bottom. The antenna should be attached at the 90 degree bend point and aligned so that it is symmetric about the solar panel.

Step 6: Paint (optional)

The final step (optional) is to use some paint to replicate Juno’s actual colors. You will need red, blue, black, and silver paint. You may want to experiment with mixing silver and black for a darker silver color, and mix the black, red, and silver for the solar panels.

Give it a “shine” by applying a few layers of clear-coat spray paint.

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