LITE-ON Implements Optomec 3D Printing Systems

Optomec, a provider of production-grade additive manufacturing systems, has stated its Aerosol Jet technology is being used by LITE-ON to develop electronic devices. LITE-ON has created a 3D Direct Printing (3DP) solution that lets them integrate 3D antenna patterns and other functional electronics into mechanical structures or covers.

According to the company, LITE-ON first purchased Aerosol Jet technology to develop prototypes for its OEM (original equipment manufacturer) customers, which include communication device, personal care and automotive brands. After successfully implementing Aerosol Jet in prototype environments, LITE-ON expanded its usage and has now deployed multiple production machines in Guangzhou, China, operating 24/7 printing conformal electronics onto millions of consumer devices.

“With the flexibility provided by Aerosol Jet technology, our 3DP systems can print sensors, antennas and other functional electronics onto plastic components and covers as well as metal die-cast insert-molded polymer frames and even onto glass panels and ceramic materials,” said Henrik Johansson, senior manager, Technology Development Antennas, at LITE-ON. “We see Aerosol Jet as a strategic component of our 3DP solution, which has enabled us to expand into new markets.”

For more information, visit Optomec.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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