Lowe’s Offers Homeowners Chance to 3D Print Cabinet Hardware

Lowe's 3D Printing, Lowe's Innovation Labs

MOORESVILLE, N.C. – Lowe’s is offering homeowners a chance to scan and 3D print cabinet hardware and other home improvement renovation items and parts through its research and development arm, Lowe’s Innovation Labs.

In conjunction with Orchard Supply Hardware, located in Mountain View, CA, customers will be able to use the 3D printing service either in-store or online at Osh.com.

“The home is very personal and 3D printing gives homeowners unprecedented access to build items that reflect their individuality,” said Kyle Nel, executive director of Lowe’s Innovation Labs. “Until now, it’s been hard for the average consumer to benefit from this technology because of the cost and complexity, so we are bringing customers an approachable and affordable customization experience.”

A specialist will be on-hand at Orchard Supply Hardware to assist customers through the entire process. Items can be printed in-store in plastic, or ordered in materials ranging from metal to ceramic for shipment direct to the customer, the company says.

Michaelle Bradford

Michaelle Bradford

Michaelle Bradford is Managing Editor of Woodworking Network magazine and Custom Built Interiors Weekly eNewsletter. She can be reached at mbradford@woodworkingnetwork.com or Google+.

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