Mackay libraries expand technology with 3D printers

FOR 25 cents per gram of plastic, residents of Mackay can now partake in 3D printing at the Gordon White Library and Dudley Denny City Library.

“3D printers have a lot of applications and are especially useful for creating prototypes for fault finding and testing,” said Community and Client Services director Bridget Mather.

“Obviously, printing with plastic is a lot easier and cheaper than machining prototypes and designs out of metal.”

According to Ms Mather another popular application for 3D printers is reducing landfill by replacing lost or broken parts that are often almost impossible to find.

“Anyone who has an older appliance knows that if a small part breaks, you might as well throw out the whole appliance, because getting a replacement part is just so difficult and expensive,” Ms Mather said.

“Now if you are a bit of a tinkerer and have the know-how to jump online and use one of the free design programs, you can get the part printed at the library for just a couple of dollars.

“If this means fewer items end up in landfill, then that is another big bonus from this technology.”

To request a 3D print, simply drop in your design to your local library branch on a USB stick or email digital literacy librarian Donna Kellion at

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