Makers In Need; CAD Users Adapting to 3D Printing Slowly

A Seattle Makerspace needs donations to recover from a break-in, while CAD users become more likely to use 3D printing in their professional lives.

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One venue in which to learn to hack and print is Seattle Attic, a non-profit female- and LGBT+-friendly Makerspace. In the early morning hours of March 21, the building was broken into and computers, power tools, and other equipment were stolen. The members of the makerspace are looking for donations to cover out-of-pocket costs during the recovery, while still providing weekly meetings and other events. Online donations are accepted here.

When it comes to professional makers worldwide, 3D printer use by CAD users is expected to grow 50 percent by the end of 2015, according to the Business Advantage Group’s Worldwide CAD Trends 2015 Survey.

Only 22 percent of worldwide CAD users and manages utilize 3D printing today, said Chris Turner, CEO/Managing Director of The Business Advantage Group. However, that number is expected to rise to 33 percent within one year and 45 percent within three to five years.

The rate of adoption is different depending on the industry sector. At the moment, 3D printing is used the most in education, with 66 percent adoption, followed by manufacturing with 33 percent. AEC (Architecture, Engineering, and Construction,) utilities, and process and plan use 3D printing the least, all falling within the range of 9 to 11 percent. AEC is expected to grow the most from that low base, though, with 110 percent growth predicted throughout 2015. Manufacturing will see 39 percent growth of CAD users utilizing 3D printing.

“Because 3D Printing has wider potential use in applications such as additive manufacturing, the overall growth in 3D Printing is likely to be much higher than this survey forecasts,” said Chris Turner, CEO/Managing Director of The Business Advantage Group.

However, he said, 51 percent of CAD users surveyed couldn’t name a brand that makes 3D printers. Stratasys, Makerbot, 3D Systems, and Cubify were the most recognized, but CAD users still don’t have a strong connection to the makers of 3D printers, which means that the brands have a lot of opportunity to increase their recognition and the use of their products.

The Worldwide CAD Trends Report is published annually and summarizes the more detailed data gathered in The Business Advantage Group’s CAD Trends Survey.

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