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Altair 3D printer is for those that want to get serious with advanced materials. The Instant-on heated bed and NOVA all-metal hot end will allow you to print with a broad range of professional materials. Get great resolution with the PrintSpace 3D auto-calibration system and precision machined CarbonGlide technology. This high-performance printer was designed for engineers and professionals.

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Product Description

The PrintSpace Altair 3D printer is a high-performance Delta printer. The PrintSpace 3D NOVA all-metal hot end and removable instant-on heated bed allow the user to use a variety of industrial grade materials. With the ability to print 8″ diameter and a vertical print capacity of 10″, Altair can handle large projects with ease. Our unique auto-calibration system ensures quality prints. Altair features industry leading CarbonGlideâ„¢ technology, which allows Altair to complete larger prints faster, quieter, and with more accuracy than competing printers. Find out more at

Altair comes with the simplify 3D software, a spool holder, tweezers (for cleaning nozzle), and a part removal tool for removing finished printed objects from the bed.

Altair V2 Tech Specs


Automatic Bed Calibration: for optimal adhesion of first layer ensuring reliable prints every time
PrintSpace 3D NOVA Hot End: All-metal, high-heat hot end prints at high speeds without jamming, max temp 300C
Nozzle: .40mm standard universal nozzle (can switch out to other nozzle sizes)
Magnetic Arms: for easy nozzle change out

Delta Frame: Patent pending CarbonGlideâ„¢ technology, carbon fiber rods and arms & powder coated aluminum
Printer Dimensions: 27.2″ by 15″ by 15″ (690mm by 380mm x 380mm)
Weight: 12 lbs (5.4kg)

Brain: 32 bit controller
LCD Front Panel Control: allows you to print, calibrate, control print settings, and view print progress
Front Panel Micro SD Cards: for untethered printing
USB Connectivity: compatible with Mac, Windows, and Linux
Remote Monitoring & Control Available: view, start, stop, and control a print from a mobile device

Instant-on Heated Bed: heats up in less than 90 seconds
Borosilicate Glass & Buildtak Bed Surface: for optimal adhesion with multiple materials
Print Volume: 8″ diameter by 10″ high (200mm diameter by 250mm high)
High Speed Positioning: up to 300mm/s
Print Tolerance (X, Y): 100 micron (0.1mm)
Layer Thickness (Z): 50 micron (.05mm) or better (material dependent)
Supported Filament: 1.75mm
Supported Materials: Prints a wide range of materials including PLA, Bridge Nylon, PVA, Laywood, “Tough” PLA, Carbon Fiber PLA, and more

Firmware: Smoothie
Simplify3D® Software: Improve your print quality with Simplify3D, the powerful 3D printing software that gives you total control for amazing 3D prints. Follow our setup instructions. One license of Simplify3D now ships with every unit. Altair is also compatible with Mattercontrol, Cura, Astroprint, Octoprint, Repetier; Skeinforge.

Power Requirements: 100-240V AC, 50-60Hz
Standard 110V input

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