2 thoughts on “Origami Paper Animal Prints 8 1/4″ 49 Sheets”

  1. Easy to fold… This paper is pretty good. Better than most types available online on Amazon. I have purchased other kinds of origami paper (solid colored, patterened, different sizes, etc) and have found that this paper can be used to fold models from tricky modular kind to simple animals and butterflies. Models with intricate folds also come out well with this paper. I have folded John Montroll’s T-rex and other dinosaurs using this paper, too. It is good for both beginners as well as intermediate to complex level origami.This origami paper booklet contains an instruction booklet on folding a Zebra, Tiger Mask, Cat head, Cobra, Panther cub and a Crocodile. It contains 49 square sheets (including a sheet of gold foil) of 8 1/4″ size. The sheets are double sided in color / print and comes in an array of different animal prints such as Zebra stripes, tiger stripes, giraffe spots, leapard spots, crocodile-skin print as well as a snake-skin print.

  2. Decent Origami paper for beginners Its a pretty decent Origami paper. With animal prints you can have more vivid crafts. The only thing is those prints may prevent u from clearly seeing the crease you made as marks.

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