Paper Engineering Revised & Expanded Edition: 3-D design techniques for a 2-D material

Paper Engineering explores graphic design that extends beyond 2D. From a simple fold in a letterhead to the structural intricacies of a pop-up book, the construction of a 3D paper object requires as much input as its surface decoration. This stylish and inspirational book unfolds the conceptual complexities of paper engineering, studying the techniques of eminent international designers. Case studies are illustrated with photographs of finished work, as well as detailed diagrams and commentary. Now available in a fully revised and extended edition, Paper Engineering also explores the functions of paper architecture in graphic design, ranging from greeting cards to invitations and from point-of-sale to packaging.

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3 thoughts on “Paper Engineering Revised & Expanded Edition: 3-D design techniques for a 2-D material”

  1. Engineering? If you are looking for a guide book on how to design and create pop-ups, on the basic folding and cutting techniques, then this IS NOT the book for you.This book is a pretty good collection of interesting pop-up / paper cut designs and uses in graphic design and enterprise comunications. Excellent for inspiration and reference.It balances out the “engineering” expectation by including 4-5 templates at the end of the book that are among the difficult ones to figure out by oneself (as…

  2. Not what I expected at all Shame on me, maybe I didn’t read all the fine print on this one.Lots of pictures of various paper engineering projects. Very little to no nuts-and-bolts training on how to actually create paper engineered projects.Really a long picture brochure of what the latest paper engineers are doing these days. For me it wasn’t really worth it.I wanted something that discussed what you see online out at “Canon Creative Park” – google that and you will see some awesome…

  3. great look into paper engineering by graphic designers [ this review is adapted from a longer one at my blog liberal sprinkles]There are plenty of examples here of creations crafted from paper – some of them mundane, others fascinating. What makes it different from other books on papercrafts is the descriptions of the process behind the designs. The book’s aim is to show the possibilities of paper. It does so by showing how some graphic designers translate their thoughts and intentions through paper engineering, transforming paper from…

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