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Is DAZ going to start doing 3D printing of custom projects anytime soon or should I be looking to purchase my own 3D printer?
Also is there going to be more information on the topic as promised or has Iray taken all their attention.

Before purchasing a printer, might want to check out some of the local 3D print services. They seem to be popping up in many a mall.

that is where the DAZ EULA becomes a problem.
I would arrange to print out all my favourite DAZ characters tomorrow if it were not for that.
There certainly are a lot of printers around, thanks to google I now get ADs for them on every AD supported site I visit.

Taken directly from the EULA on the link from the help page :

The creation of three-dimensional physical representations (3D-print, molded copy, CNC-routed copy, and the like) of Content or any three-dimensional art derived from the Content is permitted only for personal, non-commercial use by the User. Additionally, the user may not grant other entities or individuals the right to produce such physical representations of the Content except for the sole purpose of providing the print to the User for their personal use.

If your goal is to just get someone else to print them for your personal use, it seems legal from that wording. You just can’t sell or even give them to a friend.

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