Pyle Sports PHRM40 One Button Heart Rate Watch with 3D Running/Walking Sensor

This heart rate monitor watch has everything you need to get started with cardiovascular training-running, jogging, or any kind of strenuous exercise. the watch is equipped with a stopwatch, an alarm function, and an led backlight for easy night usage. of course, it also includes a heart rate monitor chest strap and data functions including maximum, minimum, average, and present heart rate monitoring, as well as a calories burned display. color: black with orange highlights.

The PHRM40 includes a watch and heart rate monitor belt

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Stay Fit, Stay Strong, and Keep Moving With Pyle Sports

This heart rate monitor and watch is the perfect addition to your training program. Now you can monitor your heart rate as you run, jog, or doing any cardiovascular exercise. This watch also includes a chronograph, daily alarm, and heart rate statistics. The PHRM40 also has a target training setting to help you stay fit and strong. Don’t exercise without Pyle Sports!

Monitor Your Heart Rate

The PHRM40 allows you to monitor your heart rate while performing any cardiovascular activity. Wrap the included heart rate monitor belt around your chest before exercising. Then, enter the heart rate monitor mode on the watch. During your exercise session, you can keep track of your current, maximum, and average heart rates — all at the touch of a button. You can also track your current and average speed.

Built-in Functions To Help You Train

You can use knowledge of your heart rate to determine what kind of exercise you’re doing. First, you need to know your maximum heart rate, which is calculated based on your age. At 60-70% of this maximum, you are training for endurance and aerobic capacity. Your cardiovascular system develops at 70-80%. The PHRM40 is conveniently equipped with a target training mode to help you reach these levels and notify with an alarm you when you have.

One Button Operation

The PHRM40 is extraordinarily easy to operate and manipulate thanks to its simple one-button setup. Use the one key to cycle through menus, check your heart rate, set target zones, and time your laps.

Great Sports Watch Features

Of course, the PHRM40 is equipped with all the features you’ve come to expect from great sports watches, including time & date functions and a daily alarm. There’s also a chronograph with resolution up to 1/100 of a second. The PHRM40 is also water resistant to light splashes.


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Calorie Counter
Step Counter
Target Training Zones
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Current Speed  
Water Resistance   Up to 33 Ft Splashes Up to 33 Ft Up to 33 Ft Up to 33 Ft
One Button Operation    


Product Features

  • Monitor heart rate as you can run or jog
  • Records exercise statistics
  • Led backlight available
  • Clock display (12/24 hours)
  • Exercise time stopwatch
  • Wireless ECG-accurate transmitter belt
  • Target zone setting with audible alarm
  • Average heart rate

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  1. Very nice Low-cost Basic unit My Omron strap broke but getting this HRM is even cheaper than getting some of the HRM replacement strap so I decided to give it a try. One button setup seemed to be complex at first but actually quite simple, you just have to wait for the menu to prompt you yes, no or otherwise. The + and – signs for setup are so small that I could barely see them but once the watch is setup, they are not really a issue during operation. The HRM operation is the same one-button method and I get used to it…

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