Retrofuturistic Apple watch is 3D printed

Looking like a cross between the old Apple II and some kid of Pip-Boy, the Apple II watch is a retrofuturistic timepiece that riffs the ultra-modern Apple watch.

Built by ‘Aletor777′, a forum-member of the Instructables, the watch’s rectangular body and dirty-white casing combine with the classic Apple logo and “winding knob” to create a and off-white plastic case, ancient rainbow Apple logo, and massive “winding knob” all carry the nostalgic weight of the retro-passion that came into building the watch.

The watch is powered by a Teensy 3.1 ARM processor. Its green-black interface is navigated through a 4.572 cm screen. On booting, it opens with a classic-style Apple II UI, with users scrolling through using the winding knob. The watch also includes a SOMO II sound module and speaker, and can even tell time.

While the batteries only last some three hours, they can be charged as needed.

The watch is available now, with Aletor777’s project page hosting links to the .stl files needed to print the Apple II.

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