Sinterit Announces Plans to Release $5K SLS 3D Printer in 2015


Published by Sandra Helsel, April 24, 2015 11:30 am

( — Sinterit has announced plans to release its SLS printer for $5,000 in 2015. Sinterit was founded by three ex-Google employees who wanted to create an affordable desktop SLS 3D printer that doesn’t sacrifice on quality that SLS 3D prints are known for. They are working to bring SLS 3D-printing technology to small- and medium-sized businesses at an affordable price. “Currently, the cheapest SLS printer on the market costs more than $180,000. Our goal is to make advanced 3D-printing technology more accessible,” said the company in November 2014.

Konrad Glowacki, Mike Grymala-Moszczynski, and Paul Szczurek first announced they were working on the low-cost SLS 3D printer in late 2014, but they stayed quiet during their final stages of development. The final iteration of the company’s first-generation SLS 3D printer will be able to print in a variety of materials, including polymide 12 as well as polymide 12 mixtures such as those containing carbon fiber, fiberglass, and aluminum. Each printer will be equipped with a heated multi-zone print bed, a heated feed bed, and a heated cylinder to ensure that prints are made to standard.

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