3D Vacuum Heat Press Machine Printer CISS Silicone Mould KIT for Sublimation

3D Vacuum Heat Press Machine Printer CISS Silicone Mould KIT for Sublimation

Item Included:

1. 1set 3D Sublimation Machine (000201 color random)

(Including 2pcs Rubber Clamps for 11oz mug and 1pc for 15oz mug)

2. 1 set Epson C88 printer (012503 )

3. CISS-C88 1 set (012000)

4. 100sheets A4 sublimation transfer paper (001201)

5. 2pcs Rubber Clamps for 11oz mugs (000205)

6. 2pc Rubber Clamp for 15oz Mugs(000206)

7. 2pcs Rubber Clamp for 12oz Latte Mugs (000207)

8. 1set Silicone Mould for Short Wine Glasses(000213)

9. 2pcs 11oz white mug (001007)

10. 2pcs 11oz Full-Color Changing Sublimation Mug (mix color)

11. 2pcs 15oz white mug (001435)

12. 1pc 12oz Blank Coated Latte Mugs (001481)

13. 1pc 12oz Color Changing Latte Mug-Black (001483)

14. 4pcs 1.5oz Blank Coated Latte Mug (001486)

15. 4pcs 1.5oz Glass Latte Mug (001487)

16. 2rolls Heat tape (001062)

17. 1pc Tape holder (001397)

18. Free Art Design Software + 700 Templates(2DVD as gift)

Product Features

  • 3D Sublimation machine is all-in-one machine, can transfer many sublimation blanks, mug, latte mug, plate, hat, t-shirt, iphone/ipad case, metal, glass, crystal.
  • Epson C88 printer and CISS 88, the high-performance Epson Stylus ┬« C88 speeds through critical projects and reports, delivering amazing quality and durability with DURABrite┬« Ultra inks.
  • A4 sublimation paper, qualified inkjet paper for transferring images onto hard surfaces such as coated mugs, coated plates, coated metal boards
  • This Mould is for Short Wine Glasses transfer, can be used by 3D Sublimation transfer machine. It can print 1.5oz short wine glass.
  • White mug, Full-Color Changing Sublimation Mug, Coated Latte Mugs,Glass Latte Mug, Heat tape and Tape holder.

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3D Sublimation Heat Press Machine iPhone Sumsung Moulds Cover Printer CISS KIT

Item Included:

1. 110V 3D Sublimation Machine 1set (000201)

2. 1 set Epson C88 printer (012503)

3. CISS-C88 1 set (012000)

4. A4 sublimation transfer paper 1pack (001201)

5. Mould for 3D Iphone 4/4s case 1pc (000210)

6. Mould for 3D Iphone 5/5s case 1pc (000211)

7. Mould for 3D Galaxy(S3) I9300 case 1pc (000214)

8. Mould for 3D Galaxy(S4) I9500 case 1pc (000215)

9. Mould for 3D iPhone 5C case 1pc (000217)

10. 3D Iphone 4/4S Case 10pcs(001910)

11. 3D Iphone 55S Case 10pcs(001911)

12. 3D Sumsung Galaxy(S3) I9300 case 10pcs(001913)

13. 3D Sumsung Galaxy(S4) I9500 case 10pcs(001914)

14. 3D iPhone 5C case 10pc (001916)

15. Heat tape 1roll (001062)

16. Tape holder 1pc (001397)

Product Features

  • 3D Multi-function Sublimation Transfer machine (ALL IN ONE), The combination of vacuum pressure and heat to wrap sublimation transfer paper around curved shapes to permanently fuse the decoration onto any curved surface
  • Epson Stylus C88 Ink Jet Printer, With this champion performer, you’ll get sharp, vivid charts, text, and more, whatever the task at hand.
  • CISS Bulk Ink System 1set, It applies to all cases relating to computer, printing in all fields.
  • A4 Sublimation Transfer Paper. It have a layer of coating on the print side, Printed color is bright, transfer greatly.
  • Mould for 3D Iphone 4/4s, Iphone 5/5, Galaxy(S3), Galaxy(S4), iPhone 5C and kinds of covers.

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