Ideazoo 3D printing bringing efficiency to everyone

Ideazoo 3D printingIdeazoo 3D printing
 Each and every day science is making huge strides forward in all types of areas. 3D printing is a process we hear about often and is growing bigger all the time. In Lafayette, one business has grown so much, it grew right out of the CEO’s home.  

Ideazoo’s plan was to turn ideas into realities. They take those ideas, put them on paper, scan them into a computer, and before you know it they are turned into real products using a 3D printer. 

“We’ve printed thousands of pieces so far,” CEO of Ideazoo Jacques Dugal said. 

Now up to nine 3D printers and a laser cutting machine, the products they create from different materials really have almost no limits. 

“An interior designer wanted a very specific type of handle for a home. So, we designed and made drawer pulls and cabinet knobs for the entire house,” Dugal said. 

They even have plants to take their products to the sea for recreational use. 

“One of our designers likes to surf and ride boards, so we’ll make one for him,” he said. 

The process of 3D printing creates efficiency. According to Ideazoo designer Chad Weaver, a months long process of tooling, all the way to making a mold piece costs thousands of dollars. 

“This allows me in 4 hours to design a joint, print it out, have a piece in hand, test it, structural everything. Go back edit it change it and go back and print a whole new part all within the same day for pennies on the dollar. It really allows rapid development of products and prototyping,” Weaver said. 

There’s something for everyone at Pacific Design & Manufacturing

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Cathy Lewis, our VP of Global Marketing is on hand and said, “The impressive range of integrated 3D content-to-print products and services that we have on display at PD&M cover the entire ideation-to-production process, delivering affordable full-color models, precise high-definition functional parts and intuitive content creation and capture tools. We are fully committed to democratize access to these powerful innovation and creation tools for the benefit of professionals and consumers alike.”