Rinkak's 3D Printed Product Marketplace Expands to the US

r3The ability to 3D print opens up so many doors to traditional product designers. No longer are their ideas limited to the availability of molds for a particular new product, and no longer is prototyping of these designs a problem. We have seen numerous marketplaces emerge over the last couple of years catering to the huge influx of incredibly intricate, and very clever designs for products ranging from decorations to useful tools.

Although in the US and Europe services like Shapeways are incredibly popular, Asia has been a bit of a different story. Rinkak, the subsidiary of startup Kabuku Inc., has emerged as one of the leaders within the Asian market for 3D printed goods. Based in Japan, the company has been able to capitalize on the locality of their manufacturing facility to cater towards Asia unlike other 3D printing marketplaces out there.r2

Back in October, Rinkak announced that they had partnered with a United States-based factory to seek an expansion of their services. Here we are a few months later, and the effort in doing so has finally paid off. Today Rinkak has announced their US arrival.

“Now, designers can sell their 3D printed products not only in the U.S. but also in Asia on Rinkak,” explained Masahiko Adachi, of Rinkak to 3DPrint.com. “To celebrate our opening, we pleased to offer 30% OFF coupon and FREE shipping cost as a monthly campaign.”

Registration to the new US platform is entirely free. Users can simply upload their 3D models, set their product’s price, and Rinkak will do everything else for them, using their rapid quotation system to help designers begin to sell their products. Rinkak can also be used to create prototypes of a product, by making the design private and secure, and unable to be accessed by others on the platform.

Because of Rinkak’s global partnerships with manufacturers, designers are now able to market their products to both Asia and the US, and buyers are able to receive their orders quickly, as they are printed within a facility that is closer to them. By opening their platform up to more of a global audience, both designers (sellers) and buyers should benefit substantially.

Those within the US who would like to take advantage of the 30% off coupon, in addition to free shipping, may use coupon code [RINKAK-US]. Let us know if you are in the US, have registered on the new platform, and what your thoughts are. Discuss in the Rinkak forum thread on 3DPB.com.


Nexxt Technologies Expands Into Nebraska and North Dakota Markets

>PRWEB.COM NewswireEden Prairie, Minnesota (PRWEB) July 05, 2014

With 3D Printing on track to grow by over $3.7B in 2015, Nexxt Technologies is on track to gain market share in key areas of American innovation and growth. 3D printing has become a hot discussion and buzzword in the technology space after the Consumer Electronics Association doubled space for 3D printing and prototyping for the 2015 Consumer Electronics Expo and the White House held a maker event in June 2014.

Budding partnerships turned into smart strategies as David Pecoraro, CEO of Nexxt Technologies described the process in selecting which satellite offices Nexxt Technologies would open.

“Both North Dakota and Nebraska were key to our growth, for a multitude of reasons. With their growing centers of manufacturing, we recognized that the design community in North Dakota and Nebraska was wholly underserved. Our goal is to strengthen the engineer community by providing everyone access to top-quality systems and prototyping solutions to shorten the cycle of time between design and production. We’re developing the present and the future of professional manufacturing technologies.” – David Pecoraro, Nexxt Technologies, CEO

The excitement has been contagious through Fargo. Jake Clark and John Schneider had already been utilizing Nexxt Technologies for industry best practices and growth opportunities. Strategically, the partnership and satellite office made sense, simply because of the growth of industry and innovation experienced in North Dakota.

“When we first considered a partnership with Nexxt Technologies, we knew the potential impact our collective presence could have in North Dakota; strengthening infrastructure and creating more job opportunities. We can’t wait to see what will happen.” – Jake Clark and John Schneider, Fargo3DPrinting, Nexxt Technologies Partner- North Dakota

Nebraska’s partnership also is proving to be fruitful, allowing Forge55, Inc. to offer services and solutions within a larger regional area and with the trusted reputation of Nexxt Technologies’ 3D Systems distribution.

“With Nebraska’s recent growth and innovation, it’s been an exciting process to redefine where our business is heading with Nexxt Technologies’ support.” – Dick Longoria, Forge55 Inc., Next Technologies Partner- Nebraska

About Nexxt Technologies:
Using the latest in 3D printing technology, Nexxt Technologies is a rapidly growing reseller of 3D System’s printers. With expanding markets in Minnesota, North Dakota and Nebraska, Nexxt Technologies is poised to meet the expansion and growth predicted for the 3D printing industry. As a key player in the 3D printing space, Nexxt Technologies offers 3D printing systems, supplies, maintenance and service, as well as production quality prototyping. Find out more at: http://www.nexxttech.com.

Read the full story at http://www.prweb.com/releases/NexxtTech/Expansion/prweb11993926.htm