Barbie Fashion Design Maker Doll

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Product Features

  • Girls can create trendy, customize fashions using their tablet or home computer!
  • Eight included sheets of printable fabric (8×11.5 Inch) allow designs to go from 2D to 3D!
  • Take or upload photos for totally unique looks!
  • Store and display the fashions in the included portfolio!
  • Barbie doll, looking fabulous in a white molded slip, pink statement necklace and shoes, is included

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XIDAJE Fashion Prusa PLA/ABS DIY Assembled i3 Desktop Machine 3D Printer Replicator Reprap


Products information:
1.Technical parameters:
1)Positioning accuracy: Z axis 0.012mm XY axis 0.004mm
2)Print precision :0.1-0 .2 mm
3)Thickness: 0.1-0.3mm
4)Build Size: 200 * 200* 200mm
5)Nozzle diameter: 0.4m
6)Max movement of shaft speed: 80mm / s
7)Nozzle flow rate: 24cc / hour
8)Recommended the sprinklers temperature: 185¡ã c (PLA)/230 ¡ã c(ABS) (highest can be set to 260 ¡ã C)
9)Heated the baseplate temperature :110-120 ¡ã C (winter appropriate warming, proper cooling in summer)
10)Voltage: 220V (can be customized 110V-250V)
11)Power: 220W
12)Best ambient temperature:> 25 ¡ã C
13)Material filaments: ABS, PLA filaments
14)Material color:several vivid colors for your choose such as white,green,red and so on
15)Material Specifications: 1.75mm ABS/PLA

2.Other parameters:
1)Print head Quantity: 1
2)Equipment size: 400*400*400mm
3) Package size: 49*31*52cm
4)Net weight:13kg?? Gross weight:16KG
5)Print file format: STL ,GCODE
6) Operating system: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows7, Linux, Mac OS
7) The operations interface: English

3.Package includes:

1) 3D Printer Machine*1 set
2) Tool Kits *1 set
3) Some PlA or ABS Filament for Testing
Please note: our product specifications plug is US?standard plug£¬If you have other requirements please contact our customer service

Product Features

  • Positioning accuracy: Z axis 0.012mm XY axis 0.004mm
  • Print precision :0.1-0 .2 mm
  • Thickness: 0.1-0.3mm
  • Build Size: 200 * 200* 200mm
  • Nozzle diameter: 0.4m

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3D Printed ‘My Cup of Tea’ Fascinator Hat, Steampunk Meets Victorian Fashion, Nylon Plastic, Red

The Sloris ‘My Cup of Tea’ fascinator will give you good reason to strut your stuff. Fascinator hats can revitalize your wardrobe and add spark your style. The grandeur of Victorian era millinery cross bred with the chic of steampunk fashion to produce a hat that’s all glamour and no fuss. From afar, the ‘My Cup of Tea’ fascinator masquerades as a staple of steampunk attire, a top hat. Upon closer inspection, it reveals itself to be the quintessential everyday object of the Brits, a tea cup. ‘My Cup of Tea’ is waiting to be 3D printed just for you.

Use the comb at the base of the fascinator to comfortably secure it (depending on the desired angle, bobby pins may be necessary).

One size fits all 🙂

Available Colors and Material Information

The layered process of the printing often creates a look similar to that of wood grain. The pieces have a slightly rough feel (especially in black.) Overall, the material has a likeness to unpolished or polished soap stone.

Available in black, polished white, polished coral red, polished violet purple, polished hot pink and polished royal blue.

3D Printed in Nylon Plastic Just for You

To make our nylon plastic products, a 3D printer uses a laser as the power source to sinter powdered plastic, aiming the laser automatically at points in space defined by our 3D digital model, solidifying a paper thin layer. A fresh layer of powder is distributed and the process repeats until the final solid product emerges.

Made to Order Production Time

Please keep in mind that every single product is printed specifically for you in your choice of color, which takes time. Production time for our nylon plastic products is currently running 1 to 2 weeks. We know everyone wants instant gratification these days, but we’re sure you’ll agree our creations are worth the wait.

Product Features

  • Height: 3.18 IN, Length: 4.43 IN, Width: 4.4 IN, (Volume: 0.87 IN)
  • Truly a unique and exciting design; Perfect if you’re a fashionista who likes to lead rather than follow
  • From afar, looks like a steampunk top hat; Upon close reveals itself to be a tea cup.
  • Designed by the fine artist MG and made to order; Material has a slightly rough feel (especially in black) and a look similar to that of wood grain.
  • 3D printed on demand in nylon plastic; Available in black, polished white, polished red, polished purple, pink and blue.

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Bradley Rothenberg Brings Unique 3D Printed Textiles to NY Fashion Week

3D printed cellular structure

3D printed cellular structure

With the semi-annual New York Fashion Week coming to an end, there were a few particular designs which left many people quite intrigued. With 3D printing becoming more and more a part of fashion, at least on runways as of late, it was no surprise to see 3D printed textiles on display at one of the more popular fashion events in the world.

Fashion designer Bradley Rothenberg had quite the showing at this year’s event, with several new 3D printed garments. Some of the pieces included a fully wearable 3D printed tank-top that was designed in collaboration with designer Katie Gallagher, and was printed entirely in one piece. Rothenberg also 3D printed details for skirts, and jackets, as well as helped designer Katya Leonovich incorporate 3D printing into her SS15 line.

The 3D printed tank-top. Printed in SLS nylon in one piece.

The 3D printed tank-top. Printed in SLS nylon in one piece.

The most talked about piece was the 3D printed cellular tank-top which incorporated a new textile pattern that Bradley has been working on, and has been very excited to see come to life. It is 3D printed using a selective laser sintering machine, that prints using a nylon powder. When the laser hits the powder, the nylon is solidified. This is done, one layer at a time, until the garment is completely printed. When finished, it comes off of the 3D printer fully assembled.


The cellular structure in the design makes for an interlocking pattern which provides flexibility and comfort. One very unique feature that this cellular structure provides is its ability to change the overall textile properties throughout the garment. The flexibility of each section can be different, simply by thinning or thickening parts of the individual cellular units.

“Bradley continues to push boundaries to create never before seen 3D Printed textiles and is focused on how changing the properties of a textile on a local level can create different performances throughout the entire textile such as opacity, flexibility, and stretch. The studio is also currently in the process of developing tools to grow textiles around any shape, be it a 3D scan or modeled dress,” explained Bradley Rothenberg’s PR firm.

3D printed skirt details

3D printed skirt details

It seems as though 3D printed textiles have become common among runway shows, and it is no longer surprising to see such pieces shown off by some of the most talented fashion designers on this planet. It seems as though 3D printed clothing was considered “futuristic” just a year ago, but now it appears to be on its way to becoming the ultimate fashion statement of the decade. It won’t surprise me to see this continue to become more of a trend as time goes on, with 3D printing becoming a norm within the industry.

What do you think about Bradley Rothenberg’s designs? Discuss in the Bradley Rothenberg 3D printed textile forum thread on  Check out some more photos below:

Katya Leonovich's dress with 3D printed features

Katya Leonovich’s dress with 3D printed features

Katya Leonovich's garment with 3D printed features

Katya Leonovich’s garment with 3D printed features

Bradley Rothernbergy & Katie Gallagher's tank-top featuring the 3D printed cellular pattern.

Bradley Rothernbergy & Katie Gallagher’s tank-top featuring the 3D printed cellular pattern.