Casekingdom 3D Printer RAMPS 1.4 LCD12864 Intelligent Controller LCD Control Board

  • Module: 9.3 x 8.7 cm (L x W)
  • Screen: about 3 inch
  • Cable: 21 x 1.3 cm (L x W)
  • L type adapter: 6.2 cm (L)
  • Product Features

    • Large screen: 12864LC. Integration SD card in the back, after slicing the file into the SD card, you can select the corresponding files on the LCD.
    • The board has encoder, can be achieved parameter adjustment, and the file selection print. The ramps can be Plug-and-Play, but it need to modify the firmware to support.
    • Note:
    • This controller support SD card offline printing.
    • Package is not included the SD card.

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    3d Printer Ramps1.4 Lcd12864 Intelligent Controller Lcd Control Panel

    RAMPS LCD12864 kit contains as follows:

    1.RAMPS LCD12864, 1

    2.L the adapter plate 1

    3.FC cable 2

    Note: insert the SD card offline print, SD card please self provided, this product does not contain!

    We will send out the package within 2 days.
    We are using the fast shipping methods, so that you will receive your package with 5-10 days.
    All parts, we offering 6 months of warranty.

    Product Features

    • 1 the use of large screen 12864LCD
    • 2 back integrated SD connector, slicing file into the SD card, select the corresponding file can be printed on the LCD.
    • 3 products with encoder, can realize the adjustment of parameters, and selects the file to print!
    • 4.ramps plug and play, but need to modify the firmware to support. 5 support Chinese font, modify the Marlin firmware can display Chinese menu, the modification method, does not provide technical support!

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    3D Printing Helps Humanetics ATD Make Intelligent Crash Test Dummies

    Today’s blog is by Julie Reece, 3D Systems Director of Marketing Communications.

    ZPrinting Saves Weeks and ‘Hundreds of Dollars Each Time’ Molds Are Created for New Parts

    The iconic crash-test dummy is anything but dumb. It’s a high-tech testing device with innumerable physical and electronic permutations to satisfy the unique needs of each customer, whether auto maker, airline, space agency or military branch.

    This persistent demand for sophisticated new products and features explains why Humanetics Innovative Solutions of Huron, Ohio, a leader in the design, development and manufacturing of anthropomorphic test devices (ATDs), uses ZPrinting 3D printing technology from 3D Systems.

    “ZPrinting lets us make new parts for the client in a day and a half instead of the week or more it takes when we need to machine new steel or aluminum molds,” said Humanetics Project Engineer Kris Sullenberger. “It’s also probably a 10-to-one cost savings in materials and machine work, meaning we save hundreds of dollars each time.”

    Sullenberger’s team purchased its ZPrinter four years ago to execute an urgent project for the US Department of Defense during the second Iraq war. The client needed a sophisticated head model to test a new generation of goggles and face shields. The head model consisted of a dozen segments representing facial bones, each having impact data collection sensors.

    “ZPrinting was the only way we could do the job,” Sullenberger said. “Time was of the essence, and ZPrinting’s speed, accuracy and resolution was best suited to the government’s needs.”

    Sullenberger’s team ZPrinted patterns and mold boxes, quickly created silicon molds, and then heat-poured the urethane parts. “From start to finish, the whole product – design, building, testing and shipping – took six months. It would have taken three months of machine time alone to make aluminum molds. And revisions would have been a nightmare. Instead, we just reprinted and repoured anytime we needed a change.”

    Today, Humanetics is printing about 200 parts a year, often multiple parts per build. At peak, Sullenberger’s team runs the ZPrinter around the clock for three weeks on end.

    Although most of Humanetics’ ZPrinting is for mold and pattern production, the company also prints samples for marketing and sales, often helping explain concepts better than words or CAD images.

    “We’ll send complete scaled-down dummies to clients, including senior executives and other non-technical professionals, or we’ll send detailed models that help explain new designs,” Sullenberger said. “People often don’t know what they’re looking at in a picture. But it drives the information home when you print a part, split it in half and let the person pick up the pieces, examine the internals, and put them together themselves.”