FlashForge 3d Printer Creator Pro, Metal Frame Structure, Acrylic Covers, Optimized Build Platform, Dual Extruder W/2 Spools, Works with ABS and PLA

The New, FlashForge Creator Pro replaces the popular Creator X in the FlashForge lineup of dual extruders 3D printers. It boasts the same proven design, sturdy metal frame, optimized build platform,
full manufacturer’s warranty fulfilled by Flashforge Amazon, and lifetime support provided by expert FlashForge Amazon technicians. And adds: a transparent cover that effectively seals the chamber from outside interference; an integrated LCD screen and button board; and more…

Key features and improvements:

1. Sturdy metal frame is substantially more stable than the Creator’s original wood frame..

2. Warp-resistant 6.3mm aluminum build platform remains perfectly level under the stress of high heat.


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3d Printer Metal Kit for Ultimaker 14 Parts/set Whole Include 3d Printer Component Accessories DIY KIT Pack of 14 Pieces

Extruder Slider 35*35*45mm 1pcs

Printer Slider 25*30*25mm 4pcs

Blet tabletting 4pcs

Layer board aluminum slice 1pcs

Aulminum tabletting 50*50*3mm 1pcs

0.4mm ultimaker nozzle 16*10mm 1pcs

Throat tube 1pcs

Heatblock 20*20*10mm 1pcs

Product Features

  • Material:aluminum,stainless steel,cuprum
  • Uesd for:Ultimaker construction 3D printer
  • Fast shipping and solid package
  • A perfect partner for 3D printer
  • 100% high quality and good price,meet your needs perfectly.

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Hybridized 3D-Printed Part Combines Plastic and Metal

A prototype of a rifle magazine made using hybridized 3D printing consists of has the thermoplastic printed part (above) combined with a high-wear component made of aluminum.

When a client quickly needed a working prototype of a rifle magazine, the designers and technicians at Posted on Categories 3D Printing NewsTags , , , , , Leave a comment on Hybridized 3D-Printed Part Combines Plastic and Metal

0.4mm Nozzle Metal J-Head Metal 100K Thermistor Extruder 24V 1.75mm Tube Fan for 3D Printer

Weight: about 62g
For DIY remote and RepRap open source machine

Product Features

  • Extrusion head heating voltage:24V
  • Nozzle: 0.4mm 100K Thermistor Nozzle
  • Maximum speeds: 250mm / s
  • With Cooling fan, With PTFE tubing about 700mm
  • Compatible with 1.75mm filament

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