J-head/e3d Printer Head Extruder 12v 0.4mm Thermistor Single Nozzles 1.75mm Filaments 3d Printer Head 3DA-002

Nozzle diameter: 0.4mm (0.3optional)

Print Material: 1.75mm(3mm optional)

Hot temp:thermistor

Extrusion head voltage 12V, power 40W

Product Features

  • Material:Metal
  • Total length:89mm
  • Nozzle:0.4mm
  • For filaments:3.0/1.75mm PLA ABS
  • 100% high quality and good price,meet your needs perfectly.

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3D Systems, Inc. – 3D Systems Cube Printer 2Nd Generation Silver – 5.50″ X 5.50″ X 5.50″ Build Size – Plastic Jet Printing (Pjp) – Single Jet – 7.9 Mil Layer – Plastic Supported “Product Category: Printers/3D Printers”

3D Systems Cube Printer 2nd Generation SILVER

3D Systems Cube Printer 2nd Generation SILVER – 5.50″ x 5.50″ x 5.50″ Build Size – Plastic Jet Printing (PJP) – Single Jet – 7.9 mil Layer – Plastic Supported

Cube Printer 2nd Generation SILVER

  • Cube Printer 2nd Generation SILVER
  • 1 x Cartridge
  • Software CD

Product Type: 3D Printer Part No: 381000 Manufacturer Warranty: 90 Day

Product Features

  • Printers
  • 3D Printers

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Mbot MB3D101 GRID II 3D Printer 250*220*190mm Build Volume Single Head Extruder

The GRID II is a third generation printer from mbot3D. This sturdy metal frame 3d printer has one of the biggest build sizes on the market for desktop 3D Printers, 250x220x190mm. It is available in single head or dual head configuration.The new printer features an automatic build plate calibration system that guides the user through the setup and then at every print probes the surface and uses the calibrated distance. The printer also features a glass build plate , and a magnetic build plate holder making it a breeze to remove your build plate to remove your prints, which ensures your build plate calibration is kept in top condition.The mbot3D GRID II also feature single or dual print fans to make sure your PLA prints are perfect every time!The printer is bundled with a SD card, and an exclusive tool box with the basic tools need for maintenance of the printer.

Product Features

  • Shipped from USA
  • Service in USA
  • Warranty from USA

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Come3d 3 Dimensional Printer Single Extruder

This products are widely applicated, include industrial design, mechanical mold manufacturing, education, health care, anime, toys, footwear industry, art and design, and so on. 
The printing model and mold have suce advantages and features as show below: 1. The world’s most economical rapid prototyping equipment; 
2. printing process fully automatic, without manual operation. Design document ,enter the printer sequence task, the printing job is starting; 
3. compared to similar printing machine, our printer can meet large size printing model at one time; 
4. high degree of precision, suitable for polishing, plating and applicable to any surface treatment process of ABS materials; 
5. moldel melting point is 170 deg, suitable for drilling, cutting, re-processing, hard no deformed; 
6. printing costs low. Materials cost low, printing volume can be accurately set, and almost no materials printing process waste; 
These characteristics make this product, whether in schools, laboratories, offices, factories can better meet the needs of fast printing 
System Software: Z Corporation’s proprietary software accepts solid models in STL, VRML PLY, and 3DS file formats as input. ZPrint? software features 3D viewing, text labeling, and scaling functionality. The software runs on Microsoft Windows* NT, 2000 Professional, XP Professional and Vista.

Product Features

  • Build Speed: 2-10 layers per minute (ie. 15 vertical mm per hour on average) Build Volume: 120 X 120 X 120 mm Layer Thickness: 0.3mm
  • Layer Thickness: User selectable at the time of printing; 0.0035″-0.008″ (.089-.203 mm) Material Options: High performance composite, elastomeric, direct casting, investment casting
  • Material Options: ABS,PLAMaterial spe.: Dia.1.75mmColor: white, black, yellow,blue, red,green
  • Equipment Dimensions: 30 x 30 x 40 cm Equipment Weight: 8 kg

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