DKSH to Distribute EnvisionTEC 3D Printing Solutions Throughout Asia

envisiontec-logoToday comes an announcement from Zurich regarding a dynamic new agreement and partnership between two European companies with their sights set on lighting Asia up with their 3D printing solutions — not only across the world — but across a wide variety of sectors.

Shaking hands on the new deal are Germany’s EnvisionTech (also with headquarters in Missouri) and DKSH Business Unit Technology.

DKSH has agreed to provide EnvisionTEC with marketing, sales, and support in:

  • Malaysia
  • The Philippines
  • Singapore
  • Taiwan
  • Vietnam

This is a highly strategic partnership for the two companies as DKSH is firmly in the door in the Asian market, and will be able to create a substantial amount of new business for EnvisionTEC, provider of professional grade 3D printers, software, and 3D printing materials. EnvisionTEC provides a variety of specialty 3D printing solutions to industries in the following sectors:

  • Designdk
  • Industry
  • Dental
  • Orthodontic
  • Medical devices
  • Micro- and bio-technology

“It is a privilege for us to partner with a highly innovative company like EnvisionTEC. Thanks to our unmatched Asian footprint, we can leverage our size, experience and industry know-how to provide tailored services and exceptional distribution opportunities for EnvisionTEC,” commented Hanno Elbraechter, Head Business Unit Technology, DKSH.

Holding more than 90 international patents, EnvisionTEC’s 3D printing solutions are meant to be installed in laboratories or clinics, and are used by designers and manufacturers of hearing aids and industrial goods, as well as jewelry companies. Their 3D printing tools are based on quality, speed, and high resolution.

EnvisionTEC_ProductsEnvisionTEC offers numerous different models and types of 3D printers based on client needs, grouped in multiple families from the Ultra 3SP Family to the Perfactory Family to the Large Frame Industrial 3SP – all made to create a variety of precise, detailed 3D prints depending on output and products required. They also supply a long list of materials in different categories from 3SP to Perfactory to Micro Materials.

“DKSH is going to be a strong partner to expand our distribution channels in Asia. This agreement represents an opportunity for mutual growth and we look forward to working with DKSH to broaden our market share in their region,” said Sobhi Aris, Vice President of Asia Sales and New Market Development, EnvisionTEC.

DKSH is in the business of helping other large companies break into new geographies and  international markets. No small operation, they maintain 735 business locations in 35 countries, and 710 of them are in Asia, much to EnvisionTEC’s benefit in this partnership to spread their 3D printing products to the area.

Discuss the implications of this new partnership entering the 3D printing market in Asia in the DKSH to Distribute EnvisionTEC 3D Printing Solutions forum over at Technology is a leading supplier of 3D printing solutions worldwide

Prototyping Solutions & Stratasys Bring Exciting New 3D Printing Technology to Florida

BIRMINGHAM, Ala.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Prototyping Solutions would like to invite those who are interested in seeing the Objet500® Connex3™ in action to attend one of our events in Florida:

The Stratasys 3D Printing Roadshow will include a showcasing and on-site demonstration of the Objet500® Connex3™ – the world’s best and first 3D Printer to offer advanced color and flexible material properties to the world of engineering plastics! Those who register and attend either of the events will be entered to win a FREE Mojo Printer package (value of $5999)!!

If you are a Prototyping Lab Manager, Design Engineer, R&D Professional, Application Engineer, or just interested in 3D Printing, you should attend. We will be covering: Product Value Overview, Application Uses, Relevant Industries, Printer Comparisons and different material options and properties available from Stratasys.

Seating is limited, so please register today!

About Prototyping Solutions

Prototyping Solutions, one of the largest resellers of Stratasys 3D Printers in North America, is headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama covering the states of Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee. With our professional sales, service, and support staff we offer exceptional expertise in the field to allow your company to choose the right printer, the right material part, and simply the very best solution for your rapid prototyping needs. Some of the industries we professionally support include:

  • Aerospace
  • Architecture
  • Automotive
  • Commercial Products
  • Consumer Products
  • Defense
  • Dental
  • Education
  • Medical

Optomec Announces 70% Growth in Q2 Bookings from Production 3D Printing Solutions

— Optomec, a leading global supplier of production grade additive manufacturing systems for 3D printed metals and printed electronics, today announced performance results for its first half ending June 30, 2014. The Company reported strong growth for both its LENS® 3D Printers for Structural Metals and Aerosol Jet® Systems for 3D Printed Electronics, with bookings up 45% for the first six months of the year compared to 2013, including a 71% surge in the second quarter.

Sales were boosted by multiple customer orders for the recently announced LENS Print Engine, a unique modular approach that allows metal 3D printing capabilities to be installed into existing machine tools. Its open architecture enables integration with either new or pre-owned CNC tools, so customers in the industrial base can leverage existing equipment assets to realize the benefits of 3D printing in a less disruptive manner. Optomec is working to establish distributor partnerships with select machine tool OEMs to accelerate the adoption of this solution.

Optomec also reported continued strong growth for its Aerosol Jet printed electronics systems, which can print conductive metals and a variety of other functional materials directly onto 3D surfaces. In particular, the introduction of an Aerosol Jet high volume production solution, capable of printing approximately 2 million 3D printed antenna units per year, is driving demand throughout the mobile device manufacturing base. Additionally Aerosol Jet printers are now being used in the manufacture of 3D printed sensors, a high growth segment driven by the Industrial Internet and interest in the Internet of Things (IoT).

“The substantial increase in bookings across both our core product lines puts us well ahead of our plan for the year, and confirms that Optomec 3D Printing solutions are being accepted for industrial production applications,” said Dave Ramahi, Optomec president and CEO. “The rapid adoption of the LENS Print Engine verifies our open architecture approach and the metal working industry’s readiness to implement cost-effective, hybrid additive manufacturing solutions. With millions of CNC machine tools already installed, the upgrade potential represents a substantial market opportunity. Likewise, on the printed electronics side, we are seeing strong demand for high volume production implementations of our 3D printed antenna and 3D printed sensor solutions, both of which leverage our unique ability to print electronics onto existing 3D structures. These successes underscore our motivating belief that to be successful in the long term, 3D printing must meet the cost, efficiency and quality requirements for production scale applications.”

About Optomec

Optomec is a privately-held, rapidly growing supplier of production grade Additive Manufacturing systems. Optomec patented Aerosol Jet systems for printed electronics and LENS 3D Printers for metal components are used by industry to reduce product cost and improve performance. Together, these unique printing solutions work with the broadest spectrum of functional materials, ranging from electronic inks to structural metals and even biological matter. Optomec has more than 150 marquee customers around the world, targeting production applications in the Electronics, Energy, Life Sciences and Aerospace industries. For more information about Optomec, visit

LENS (Laser Engineered Net Shaping) is a registered trademark of Sandia National Laboratories.

Aerosol Jet is a registered trademark of Optomec.

3D Organic Solutions Lawn 1-0-0 Calcium 1-Percent Fertilizer

3d lawn 1-0-0 cal 1-percent is a premium specialty liquid lawn fertilizer that is easy to use and formulated to be effective upon contact 3d lawn 1-0-0 with 1-percent calcium is designed for ready to use application and can be used liberally without burning your lawn 3d lawn 1-0-0 with 1-percent calcium is derived from food grade calcium lactate simple sugars and protein from vegetables 3d lawn 1-0-0 with 1-percent calcium is safe to use and will not affect the health of kids and pets at play.

Product Features

  • Great for use on all types of lawns
  • Colloidal technique ensures maximum nutrient uptake for grass to promote lush green lawns
  • Formulated with the very finest food grade ingredients to ensure product is environmentally friendly and will not burn your lawn
  • Attaches to your hose sprayer head and sprays directly on grass and soil for even coverage
  • Fertilize every two weeks for optimal results
  • Formulated with the very finest food grade ingredients and will not burn your lawn

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