Sprite Science™ 12 Pack Painters Tape 30cm x 18.5cm Blue Square Sheets for 3D Printer

This Rectangle Piece of Painters Tape will cover most (if not all) 3D Printer Print Beds with one single piece.

Perfect for easy application to your print bed, no need to try and line up multiple pieces of 2 or 3 in painters tape.

Provides easy release of printed parts as they cool.


12pack x 30cm x 18cm Tape Square

Product Features

  • 12 Pack 30cm x 18cm Tape Square with release liner
  • Perfect Tape for easy application to your 3D printer’s build plate
  • Prints come off cleanly with no lines on the bottom from multiple pieces of tape.
  • Applies to the surface cleanly, and easily with easy re position just lift off and reapply.
  • Just like the tape that comes packaged with a Replicator 2 to be used on the Printer Plate

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Sprite Science™ 3D Printer Tool Kit,Wood Carvers set,ABS and PLA Carving knife/graver

Easily remove supports, raft and other excess material from your 3D printed models with these 3D printing cutting tools.

This kit comes with five cutting tools, all differently shaped to fit different corners and curves.

Each tool has a quality constructed, long lasting hardened steel blade, and a comfort grip handle.

These tools will work with all 3D printed models produced with ABS or PLA filament.

Product Features

  • Durable, hardened steel blades
  • Five different blade shapes for working on a variety of corners and curves
  • Comfortable handle grips
  • Removes ABS and PLA raft and supports from 3D printed objects
  • Works with all 3D printer models that use ABS or PLA filament

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Sprite Science™ 12 LM8UU Linear Bearings for 3D Printer.

Perfect for linear motion on your 3D Printer, CNC, or other applications.

They come factory sealed in pairs and may require lubrication.

Product Features

  • 12 LM8UU Linear Bearings
  • 8mm Inside diameter, 15mm outside diameter, 24mm length
  • Great for linear motion on 3D Printer, CNC, and other applications
  • Bearings may require lubrication and break in period.
  • Brand new& High quality.

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