Sprite Science™ 12 Pack Painters Tape 30cm x 18.5cm Blue Square Sheets for 3D Printer

This Rectangle Piece of Painters Tape will cover most (if not all) 3D Printer Print Beds with one single piece.

Perfect for easy application to your print bed, no need to try and line up multiple pieces of 2 or 3 in painters tape.

Provides easy release of printed parts as they cool.


12pack x 30cm x 18cm Tape Square

Product Features

  • 12 Pack 30cm x 18cm Tape Square with release liner
  • Perfect Tape for easy application to your 3D printer’s build plate
  • Prints come off cleanly with no lines on the bottom from multiple pieces of tape.
  • Applies to the surface cleanly, and easily with easy re position just lift off and reapply.
  • Just like the tape that comes packaged with a Replicator 2 to be used on the Printer Plate

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New York City Times Square 25cm x 35cm 3D Lenticular Poster Print with Frame (00893 US)

Decorate your room with this amazing 3D lenticular poster print with frame. Layers and multiple images are laminated beneath a unique lens material which allows the observer to experience the illusions of movement within the depths of the poster.

Product Features

  • High quality 3-D posters that don’t need 3-D glasses to see
  • Visually stunning and evocative
  • Poster comes in a easy-to-hang, sturdy frame
  • Measures: 25cm x 35cm (9.8″ x 13.8″)
  • A nice present for family and friends

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