Taiwan's 3D-Printing Device Creates 3D Objects Using Smartphones

Several wonderful creations have been released lately and one of which is the portable 3D-printer called “T3D.” ( New Matter/YouTube )

Today’s technology is simply amazing. Before, despite being created to serve ease and convenience, some gadgets are consuming more time than expected. But now, because of several developments, these devices does not only stay true to its promise of promoting comfort but also, it creates other things in a blink of an eye. A perfect example would be Taiwan’s 3D-printing startup called “T3D.”

T3D is not available on the market yet, however, it will surely catch a lot of attention because of its amazing functionality. It uses the same kind of 3D printing tech of ONO, or formerly known as the OLO 2D printer, which is a smartphone printer. T3D uses a specialized app and a resin based manufacturing tech but what makes it standout and become more unique is its ability to use older smartphones as a working 3D printer. (via Digital Trend)

T3D will use a specific 3D printer app which will let users select a shape or items they want to print. The objects are assumed to be printed layer-by-layer letting a new layer of resin exhibited in the light. The idea is excellent however, it has one pitfall. The device works very slow. For example, a cube which is included in the demo video will consume an up to 7 hours before completing. (via 3ders.org)

The founder of T3D, Dr. Sung, has a feedback on his latest device and it says that T3d will possibly be a game-changer in the 3D printing industry. It may be small and portable but, it provides a precise performance. Considering its functionality and efficiency, the said tech will be sold around $299. However, there are no expected dates about the baby’s preparation for the long journey, again.The machine may still need a longer time to develop for several improvements.
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