The French family lived in the house, printed on a 3D printer

 Французская семья поселилась в доме, напечатанном на 3D-принтере

Family Ramdani became the first in the world, settled in printed on a 3D printer home. Its construction cost of $233 thousand

House of 95 m2 printed a little more than two days. To live in a family of five – parents and three children. Ramdani the first people in the world who decided to settle in this building.

Print four-bedroom house took two days. And the creation of roofs, Windows and doors took another four months. The developers claim that in the future the same house can be reprinted several times, and then construction will go a day and a half.

The aim of the architects was to make the construction process not only faster, but cheaper, and they achieved it. The family home of Ramdenic cost nearly $233 thousand, which is 20% less than when using conventional building technologies. Impressive, isn’t it?

Express info by country

France (French Republic) – a country in Western Europe.

 Французская семья поселилась в доме, напечатанном на 3D-принтере


 Французская семья поселилась в доме, напечатанном на 3D-принтере

Coat of arms

 Французская семья поселилась в доме, напечатанном на 3D-принтере

The Capital – Paris

Largest cities: Paris, Marseille, Lyon, Toulouse, nice

Form of government Presidential– parliamentary Republic

Territory – 674 685 km 2 (48th in the world)

The population is 64.5 million people (22nd in the world)

The official language is French

Religion – Catholicism

HDI – 0,888 (22nd in world)

GDP – $2,829 trillion (6th in the world)

Currency – Euro

Borders: Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Switzerland, Monaco, Italy, Spain,


This house was created in collaboration between Nantes University, city Council and the housing Association. The leading innovator of the city Council, Frankie, Tricia (Francky Trichet) said that the main goal of this project was to determine whether 3D printing to become a key building solution to apply to different types of communal buildings. Trichet believes that this concept can affect urban development as a whole.

The family home of Ramdane was designed by a team of scientists and architects, after which their work began and a 3D printer. He printed layers of walls from floor to ceiling. Builders had only to insert Windows and doors and do the roof.

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