The Kic Board v1.0 I 3D print I alien powersystems I One wheel battery


This is going to build my first build.

I tried to save as much money and still make a high quality board. I would like to try to 3D print the drive system, my dad has acsess to a 3D printer (uprint se plus)
These are the parts I have decided on so far. (already have a remote)
Trucks = caliber II 50
Wheels and bearings = 90mm flywheel clones with abec 7
Motor plate = 3d print
Pulley system = 3d print
Motor =
ESC = Vesc x
Battery =
Deck = Originalskateboards pintail 37

Do you have anything that could be improved on this build or parts that you can recomend.

BTW if you are wondering why the board is called “the kic board” it is because I am creating it at KIC (Kongsberg Innovation center)

Everything looks pretty good. I would not recommend a 3d printed motor mount (you refer to it as a plate). It has to transfer a lot of torque and can easily snap. The VESC X ship date is unknow, and keeps getting pushed back. You will also need an anti spark switch or loop key to safely turn on your board. Other than that happy building!

People recommend not to use a 3d printed motor pulley and motor mount, everything else looks ok.
I can’t understand the specs of the battery, though. If it’s 20 amps max discharge, it’s too low. And considering the price, I would think so

Is 30A max, looks like 10s2p of Samsung 25R cells.

That would be 5000 mAh, not 4400. And since it says 4400 mAh and 20 amps continuous on the same label, I think it’s 20 continuous total and not per cell

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