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Who would have thought we could live in a world where we can order 3D printed shoes? And jewelry? And purchase that cool 3D printing pen. Ever marvel about the awesomeness of a 3D printed arm or even a 3D printed car? And have you heard that a 3D printer for kids to print their own toys is set to be launched?

3D Printing has been rapidly making great waves in the maker community and in the engineering & healthcare industry, and the Philippines is in step with the world in this technology.


The exciting world of Philippine 3D Printing is abuzz once again as the 2nd Philippine 3D Printing and Digifab Expo and Conference kicks off in 2017 to increase awareness and technical applications of 3D printing among Filipinos as it uniquely features a fusion of technology and creativity.

The popular exhibition and conference on 3D Printing, is slated on Feb 8 & 9, 2017 at the Crowne Plaza Manila Galleria, Ortigas Center Quezon City and is organized by Neotrade Events. The exhibition features the latest products, services and innovations and opportunities in digital fabrication, specifically 3D printing.

3D Printers have been present since the 80’s but has registered rapid growth, and is set to change the way we manufacture things. It cuts costs of delivery time , (households may be able to easily “manufacture” their own products in less time), and allows personalization and customization. Plus, they are environment friendly.

In 2014 alone, the 3D-printing industry grew by 35.2% globally. Despite the slowdown in 2015, 3D-printing innovations have been visible among various industries like construction and engineering, shoe manufacturing, jewelry making, car manufacturing and aerospace but the most exciting developments are in healthcare, where 3D printing is shaking things up, boosted by the lower costs and growing accessibility to 3D printing technology.

The expo and conference addresses this need for awareness and application among Filipinos as it will feature 3D printing and digital fabrication technology, equipment and content available in the country today, including biomedical 3D printing and 3d printing in surgery.

The conference features key industry players, and aims to further educate Filipinos on the applications of 3D Printing and the prospects and opportunities that it offers in various sectors such as healthcare, engineering, education, surgery and medicine, dentistry, architecture, engineering, manufacture of fashion accessories, footwear, and how it generally provides more opportunities for SME’s and MSME’s.

Featured seminar speakers are as follows:

Dr. Rafael Bundoc, Professor, Section of Spine Surgery, Department of Orthopedics at the UP-PGH “3D Printing Poised to Leapfrog Barriers in Medicine: Present and Future Applications“; Prof. Jopeth M. Ramis, M.Sc., Graduate School Professor, Department of Chemical Engineering, Technological Institute of the Philippines “Biomedical 3D Printing: The Future of Medicine“; Mr Justin Gabitan, President of Puzzlebox 3D “ 3D Printing Business Cases: 3D Printing for Businesses and Professionals: Manufacturing, Jewelry, Architecture and SMEs”; Mr Frederick Chua, President of 3D2Go, “Reverse Engineering in 3D Scanning and Printing” ; Mr Carlos Pineda, 3D Product Specialist, Norde International Distributors
Award Winning 3D Solutions Disrupting the Philippine 3D Landscape“; Mr Thiam-Yaw Chui, Senior Solutions Specialist, Autodesk Asean “The Road to Perfecting Additive Manufacturing” and “Reality Capture, Verification and Enhancing Before 3D Printing”; “Training in VEX Robotics” by American Technologies; and “3D Printing for
Engineering Professors and Professionals,
” among others.

Expected to attend this awaited event are engineers, architects, industrial designers, traders, the education sector, medical industry, creative arts, fashion industry, jewelry manufacturers, shoe manufacturers, real estate, information technology industry, marketing specialists, hobbyists, direct consumers, students and others

The expo is FREE ADMISSION. Just pre register HERE

To register for the conference, and to avail of rate discounts please log on to

Sponsors for this event are NORDE International Distributors, Techconverge, Puzzlebox 3D, 3D2Go Philippines, American Technologies, Builtable Co-working. Media Partners are , INQUIRER.NET,, Hardware Magazine and

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