VIDEO: 3D print your dinner in the future

April 26, 2015

Yum…(Credit: 3D Food Printing Conference)

Abbey Hull for – @AbbeyHull4160

Step aside ovens and blenders, 3D printers may be the next big appliance to find its way into the kitchen, not to help prepare the food…but to produce it.

During the first 3D Food Printing Conference (there’s a conference for that?) on April 21st, 2015 at Innovatoren in Venlo, the Netherlands, researchers, sponsors, and interested parties gathered to catch a glimpse at the possible future of food. From what is seen in the video from the Associated Press, 3D printed food has rapidly growing potential.

Once upon a time the world was apprehensive about placing microwaves into kitchens with concerns for health, taste, and radiation, but now we accept them as a norm in the American home. 3D printing is following the same path, as some supermarkets and restaurants have already tested 3D printing through customized cakes and desserts.

While research is still needed about the industry, the food, and the safety of 3D printing, many claim that there will be a 3D printer in every home within the next 2 years. Until then, researchers will continue to conference and expand the abilities to create food outside of the dirt and in…well, the printer!

Watch the video here.


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