We can't even deal with these tiny Canberra bus shelter earrings

“As a primary school kid, I used to climb on the roof, lie down and then ambush friends who arrived late.”

“I spent a lot of time in them as a teen growing up in Canberra,” Marisa adds.

“They’re so utterly Canberran. Nowhere else has them.

Mini shelters are the perfect gift for a hard-to-buy Canberran or a work colleague leaving town.

Photo: Suitcase Dollhouse

“We 3D print them, then hand finish them – put all the pieces together, paint them, add graffiti or a teeny person, put the earring fixings on and finish it all with a gloss lacquer.”

The husband and wife team, who both grew up in Aranda but now live in Queanbeyan, are the masters of tiny Canberra venues.

David and Marisa have delivered many commissioned match boxes, including this teensy risque Fyshwick version.

Photo: Suitcase Dollhouse

Their range of matchbox-sized Canberra buildings and institutions is hugely popular, with the National Library of Australia the most purchased, followed by miniscule versions of the ANU School of Art, the National Film and Sound Archive and West Block.

David’s love of Canberra, he’s a project manager in the public service by day, and Marisa’s artistic flair, she’s an animator and filmmaker, have also combined on a few very special tiny commissions.

Among them, a ‘Fyshwick’ matchbox that included a pole dancing setup, and a dollhouse inside a former Army cadet’s suitcase.

“The suitcase was brought to Canberra by a cadet in the 1970s,” Marisa says.

“We turned it into a dollhouse for his grandchildren. The cadet’s name was written inside the suitcase, so it’s now a permanent part of the toy.”

Visit the Suitcase Dollhouse store on Etsy.

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